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Is moving to a rural location for you?

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sunset on small isles rural living
It is freezing here today and I thought it's time to talk about moving to a rural life. I get asked alot about our lifestyle. If you don't already know we live in the Scottish highlands. We are 40miles or 1-hour drive from our nearest supermarket. Our nearest big city is Glasgow and it is 4 hours drive from here. But before you order a cheap removal company lets see if you would really like the rural life. 
rnli mallaig lifeboat coming in to rural harbour

Reasons rural life might be for you. 

1. Freedom. Our back door is straight out on to the hills.  If you like the outdoors this is defiantly for you. We live in a small village and we have so much wilderness to explore. 

2. Safety. We have very little crime. I can say this as an ex-police officer the highland is one of the safest places in the UK to live. We very rarely have any serious crimes in the highland and petty crime is low. 

3. If you plan of raising a family there are fantastic schools. Most classes are very small meaning better more personal schooling. What about enrolling your children in a Gaelic school? 

4. House prices are low. You can get alot more bang for your buck up here than in any city. I remember my in-laws telling me they could buy a castle for the price of a three-bedroom house in London. Also, council tax is low and we don't have water meters. Water is included in our council tax bill. 

5. Doctors. This might seem like a strange one but My mother in law is always astounded that we can get an appointment with our doctor, not a problem. For instance, we have one doctor in our village and he knows everyone. Which is super handy as you are not explaining your self to a new doctor every time you see them. This goes with dentists too. 

So I have given you some pros. tike for the cons

1. This life is not for you if you like to go out alot. I mean going out to the theatre, cinema or bowling etc. We just don't have them anywhere near us. 

2. It can be hard to find a job in smaller communities. It is perfect for me as I can work from anywhere there is a broadband connection and electricity.  

3. If you are not into being organised. As I explained we live quite far from a supermarket. Yes, we have a little shop but you have to be organised for meals. Also, be prepared for winter powercuts. They can last a few hours or a few days. Yes, I said days. 

4. If you don't like the outdoors. We live across the water from Skye, We can mountain bike, hike, kayak you name an outdoor sport we have it. It is the main entertainment and way of life up here. 

5. The weather is extremes. We get hard winters with huge storms and snow. But we get amazing summers. You have to be prepared for everything when you live a rural life. 


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