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The best indoor clothes drying solution.

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I want to talk about something that drives me up the wall today. So I have been redoing the guest bedroom in our house. Like most people, the guest bedroom in our house is not only used for when guest stay but it is also where we dry our clothes. We live in the highlands and the weather here is, well, to put it nicely a bit harsh at times. We don't have a tumble dryer and can not rely on the weather to hang the washing outside and here my search for a clothes dryer that well doesn't look like a clothes dryer began. 

chic clothes dryer and storage unit
I honestly thought what I was looking for might have been in my head and not a real thing. Until I found Brabantia's Linn clothes rack This is the large one in black. Now I have loved Brabantia for a long time, they have the best home solution items. The photos don't do this justice. It is amazing. 
The Linn clothes rack in large is £144, The aluminium clothes hangers are sets of 4 for £12.95 and the foldable laundry basket is £21.95

Linn clothes storagecoat hanger drying system
The Linn clothes rack is freestanding as you can see from the photos. It took us 10 minutes to put together. My husband helped me with it. Thought out the process he kept telling me how great quality it is. Now, this might not seem a big deal to you but my husband never says things like that about any home products. It had really easy instructions and to give you a quick insight it clicks together. It is so sturdy. The metal is heavy in a good way. It is finished to a really high standard. 
To me, it wouldn't look out of place in the Kardashians wardrobe. 
modern clothes drying solutionclothes hanging on dryer
Ok, so we got it made up easily, time to put it to the test. How much washing does it hold? 
Well, we have a large washing machine and this is the full load. on the two rails and it's not even full. I really like that the two shelves are adjustable, you can make them lower if you like perfect for different loads. Everything dried evenly and in super quick time too. 

lots of clothes hanging on airierside view of clothes dryier

 I thought I would hang some dresses on the top coat hangers to show you that you really can hang anything on it. The red dress is floor length. I think having the top hanger are the perfect way to dry shirts and dresses. This would make them less creased and less chance of having to get the iron out which is a huge score in our house. If you are looking for new coat hangers, these aluminium clothes hangers come in a set of four and are super luxury. They hold even the most awkward item with ease. Because of the coating, they won't cause any snags in your garments either. I am also slightly obsessed with the foldable laundry basket. It is so lightweight and can hold up to 40 litres. It also the nicest looking laundry basket I have ever own. It looks so sleek. I love it. 

We have had our first guest stay and they commented on the new clothes hanger. They used it for their clothes as a wardrobe when they stayed. They even told me they are going to order one for their hallway. That's the beauty of this clothes rack it looks amazing and there are so many ways it can be utilised. Now, what else do I need to order from Brabantia? 


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