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How to Plan Your Holiday in the Midlands

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The Midlands is a beautiful region of England, with many big cities clumped closely together. This makes it an especially good holiday destination because you can explore multiple locations without needing to go on a long journey. Two particularly good cities for this are Derby and Nottingham.
Sitting only 14 miles away from each other, it’s quite easy to split your attention between the two cities, which you’ll definitely want to do considering what each one has to offer. Nottingham oozes history, with symbols of the legendary Robin Hood dotted all over the city. Similarly, Derby was the birth of Britain’s Industrial Revolution and still contains some of the first factories that the country ever saw
With this in mind, it seemed like a good idea to put together a small plan for those of you seeking a UK holiday and so… here we are.


Let’s start with one of the most important parts of any getaway – accommodation.
Every travelling group has different requirements and needs, so there’s no way to predict your exact situation but what can be said are educated suggestions. If you’re looking to explore both Nottingham and Derby, then there are few hotels situated better than Best Western Long Eaton.
Located right between the two cities, this hotel is perfect for those who want flexible accommodation, adequate amenities and versatile travel options. The hotel boasts a variety of different room types from standard to deluxe, as well as an in-house restaurant, parking services and public transport connections to both cities. What more could you need?


With your hotel selected, it’s time to decide what you’d like to do. There really are so many attractions in the Midlands area that it’s difficult to mention everything but we’ll try to cover everything.
Starting with natural experiences, Nottingham boasts arguably the most famous woodland in the country – Sherwood Forest. The forest itself is over 1000 acres and features a 104-mile-long path called Robin Hood Way; perfect for a little exploration (though, probably not all at once). On the flip side, Derby has Darley Park, a beautifully picturesque and large park, located on the riverside and only a few minutes’ walks from the city centre. If you’re naturally inclined, there are some great options.
Moving onto history, Nottingham has its castle, along with the infamous Lace Market, a certified heritage area that once hosted the city’s court and jailhouse. Similarly, Derby has a beautifully ornate cathedral that’s almost 300 years old. Both cities also contain a large variety of museums covering all sorts of different fields and topics so if you’re a lover of culture, you can’t go wrong.
Finally, let’s look at theatre and entertainment. Nottingham has a large variety of entertainment venues from clubs like Rock City hosting famous musicians, to Theatre Royal Nottingham that focuses on major touring productions, opera and musicals. Derby’s Derby Theatre has been rising in popularity because of its focus on talent development and growth, making it a brilliant location for discovering new talent and unconventional shows.
This is just a snippet of what you can enjoy in these two great cities, find out more activities in Nottingham here and more in Derby here.


Without a doubt, one of the best parts of any holiday is the food! Visiting a new big city opens the doors for great new taste bud-tingling food experiences. This section could go on forever, so we’ll just mention one major restaurant from each city.
In Nottingham, make sure to visit Annie’s Burger Shack in the Lace Market. The American restaurant boasts incredible reviews and serves some of the most unusual burgers available (including a Sunday roast burger which sounds divine). In addition, every one of their burgers can be made vegan if requested, which is even more impressive considering the variety on offer.
In Derby, you can grab a more British experience at the Exeter Arms pub. Winner of Best Pub in the 2018 Food & Drink Awards along with plenty of other rewards over the last 7 years, it would be silly to avoid this gem.
Now that we’ve looked at hotels, attractions and food, you’re fully equipped to head to the Midlands and enjoy every moment. Hope you have a great time!

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