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The best budget holiday destinations for 2019

Although it may feel as though the summer hasn't long left us, 2019 is just around the corner, and it will soon be time to book your getaway for next year. Its time to book cheap flights and find some fantastic deals. If you know where to look and, more importantly, where to go, so we’ve put together a guide to some of the ultimate budget holidays.
stunning white sandy beach with blue sea
Bulgaria is one of the cheapest holiday destinations, but if you’re worried that cheap means nasty, that’s certainly not the case here – Bulgaria’s beaches are stunning, and the scenery is second to none. There is a huge amount of history there, too, so when you get tired of relaxing on the beach or gazing at the horizon, you can join in with any number of fascinating tours, or take yourself on a walk around the gorgeous coastal villages. And if you're wondering how much money to take to Bulgaria, the answer is not a lot!
Perhaps surprisingly, Bulgaria has recently become a popular destination for skiing, and whether you’re an expert or have never set foot on the slopes before, there is a ski resort that is perfect for you. And when you compare the costs of skiing in Bulgaria with Switzerland, France, or America, for example, you’ll wonder why you’ve never been before.

Portugal’s Algarve has always been a top spot for UK travellers, and when it comes to value for money, it's easy to see why. It could be the stunning scenery that attracts us; most of Portugal’s lovely beaches face west, meaning you can enjoy awe-inspiring sunsets. The food is another big plus point is eating out in the Algarve fresh and delicious, Portuguese cuisine is fish-dominant – fresh sardines with tomato and onion salad is a delicious lunchtime staple, particularly with a glass of local white wine.
The climate in Portugal is one of the best in Europe, and if you’re looking for somewhere that has the heat of the sun but also a cool breeze to keep you comfortable, Portugal is the place for you.
turkish temple blue sky

Turkey is a fascinating country and no matter how many times you return you will always be able to find something new to enjoy. Of course, you may be perfectly happy on the beach and wandering through familiar streets and bazaars. That’s the beauty of holidaying in Turkey – there is something for everyone and every taste.
The cost of enjoying a holiday in Turkey is a low one, which means that if you do want to explore you can do since nothing is cost prohibitive. Take the food, for example. There is a huge range of tasty, flavourful dishes to choose from, and you’ll always get great value for money as the portions tend to be large, and many restaurants throw in a salad, bread and perhaps a glass or two of their delicious tea.
Spending barely anything at all in Turkey is easy. Find a local supermarket and stock up with snacks and plenty of (cheap) water, and you can head off the beaten track to explore without having to buy anything else all day. This is such a rarity that it’s important to enjoy it while you can!
croatia city on the sea
Croatia is such a beautiful country, and from tip to tip there are amazing places to visit, incredible people to meet, wonderful food to try and fantastic beaches to relax on. Everything is cheap, and you’ll be surprised just how far your spending money gets you. Whether you want to learn about Croatia’s history or enjoy its stunning scenery, you can.
Croatia is especially perfect for those who love to sail as the seas are calm and clear and there are many companies offering boat hire (with or without a guide). Go and explore the bays and coves then come back to a feast fit for a king – that won’t cost you a king’s ransom.
A small budget should never mean that you can't get away from it all and enjoy a fabulous holiday. As we've shown, there are plenty of less-expensive destinations to head to, to make memories that will last a lifetime.