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Three thing I love about my favorite city - New York

My all-time favourite city is..... Drum roll, please!

woman face in front of New York skyline

Yip the big apple! Is defo the winner for me here is why 

girl in blue coat in front of yellow cabs in New York

1. The hustle and bustle

Yip a strange reason But I love that it's a fast-paced city that never sleeps. 
I love standing in the middle of time square just watching the hundreds of people all doing different things. Some are rushing to work, Some are tourists taking in the sites. Some are just doing their jobs. I love just watching them. feeling part of a huge crowd. Now I know this seems strange but I am from a very small village in the highland and this really put life in perspective for me. Plus how can you not love shopping late at night? eating out at late night ( brilliant for us who have jet lag) and dancing the night away in a new club.

2. The Food!
Where do I start? I love me some food and I really love New York Pizza & New York bagels New York ice cream and frozen yoghurt. I have never seen so many different restaurants offering every type of food imaginable with every dietary requirement in one place. I know you are thinking every city has similar but the food in New York is out of this world. There is nothing like a real New York slice of pizza! I really could go on and on but I won't as you will stop reading. 

skyline of new york from empire state building

3. Feeling the love

When I was in New York. I really could feel the love the people had for the city. 
 Its hard to not be taken in by this passion for New York. Whether you're at the natural history museum or at a Broadway show Everyone has such affection for there city. I have never experienced this before.
 No matter where you are if you ask a question about New York, People are more than happy to talk to you about how amazing the city really is. They will give you recommendations for shows, for restaurants, for amazing off the beaten track shops I have never experienced this before.
 I think this is one of the reasons I feel In love with New York. I have to say its one of the most recognizable horizons in the world but it is the people that make this city special for me.
skyline view of New York over caste day

What's your Favorite city?