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Before You Jet Off the 5 Must-Do's for Travel Prep

The weather outside is a bit Grim so you are planning a trip? Before you get caught up in the excitement of packing your bags, choose your itinerary and explore new places. We need to take care of a few important tasks. I know I know but you have to do the necessary before the fun can really begin. 

Let's talk about the five things you need to do before you go travelling. 

1. Secure Your Finances
Before you embark on your adventure, make sure your finances are in order.  I know this is a bummer but set up travel alerts with your bank to prevent any issues with using your cards abroad. It's also a good idea to have some local currency on hand for emergencies. Review your budget and ensure you have enough funds to cover your expenses while you're away. This needs to include extra money in case of any emerancys. 

2. Arrange Travel Insurance
Travel insurance is a must-have for any trip. It provides coverage for medical emergencies, trip cancellations, lost luggage, and more. When shopping for travel insurance with no medical exam, consider policies that offer comprehensive coverage at a competitive price. You need to be covered for the type of trio you are taking if you are planning on doing any extreme sports like paragliding or snorkelling you need to make sure you are fully covered. 

3. Check Your Life Insurance Policy
Take a moment to review your life insurance policy before you leave. Ensure that your coverage is up-to-date and sufficient for your needs, especially if you'll be travelling to a remote or high-risk area. Some life insurance policies may offer additional benefits for travellers, so it's worth exploring your options. make sure your cover is in date if not you need to take out a new life insurance policy ASAP. Dont worry it's super easy to find comprehensive life insurance with no medical exam online. Just make sure to check the policy gives you the coverage you need. 

4. Secure Your Home
Before you leave, take steps to secure your home while you're away. Arrange for a trusted friend or neighbour to keep an eye on your property, collect your mail, and water your plants. Set timers for lights to give the impression that someone is home, and consider installing a security system for added peace of mind. It really is worth getting a security system installed before you leave for long periods of time especially if you have a lot of valuables within your home or garage. 

5. Plan for Emergencies
No one wants to think about emergencies while on holiday, but it's essential to be prepared. Make sure you have a copy of your travel insurance policy and emergency contact numbers readily available. I always recommend leaving a set of these documents with a family member or friends.  

Research the location of the nearest embassy or consulate and familiarise yourself with local emergency services.  Make sure you know the emergency services phone number. I recommend downloading what three words if you are travelling remotely this way emergency services can find you easily.  It's also a good idea to carry a basic first-aid kit with you at all times.

By taking care of these essential tasks before you go travelling, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that you're well-prepared for your adventure. From securing your finances and arranging travel insurance to checking your life insurance policy and planning for emergencies, these steps will help ensure a smooth and stress-free trip. So, pack your bags, hit the road, and make memories that will last a lifetime!

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