This weeks round up with #Project365 11th Feb to 18th - MissLJBeauty

This weeks round up with #Project365 11th Feb to 18th

Well, I had to miss a weekly date already, which is not the best I am sorry I am way away without writing time so I apologise. I headed south for a few days to see some of our friends. I pinched a nerve in my back so I needed to get outside to make me feel better. Nothing makes me happier than time away with my family and friends. So south we went. 


Spent the walking the dogs with some of our favourite people. Having friends who really listen and want to spend time with you is one of life's pleasures. We let the little one choose today's activities and he chose dog walking and then an adventure playground. So that is what we did followed by dinner out. 


Since I have a little back pain today was spent exploring the local area and took Mylo for a walk around a castle he thought he could move in. The women in the shop took a shine to him and he got too many treats from her. 


It was home time. So it was a lot of time spent in the van. 8 hours to be precise. Living in the highlands is great until you have to travel anywhere. You need to include a day for travel on either side of the plans. We went to Ikea on the way home and also the shopping centre I wanted to go to Primark but it was so busy I walked out with nothing. 


Back to reality and lots of writing to do today so my head was firmly in my MacBook all day. I did 36 miles on the trainer. It is always hard after a little break period but so glad to get back to fitness. Looks like I am back to training for a big event soon. 


More work than 30 miles on the bike. Started to feel a bit fatigued today. Cooked a curry for dinner. I don't cook in this house as I am not the best but I am trying more. 


Not the most exciting Saturday. I did some content editing in the morning and did 35 miles on my turbo trainer. Which honestly I shouldn't have done it. I felt awful and the trainer was not working right. I have contacted Garmin who has told me that it's out of warranty and they can fix it for almost half the price I paid for the trainer which is shocking. Went down to see the lifeboat crew after training to speak about content for social media. 


A nice relaxing day Today as I am full of the cold and every time I move my temp goes up which is so fun. But a bacon roll for breakfast cheered me up. The a little walk with Mylo and the hubby. At least I got out of the house. The rest of today will be very chill going some reel editing and relaxing and hoping this cold doesn't get worse. 

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  1. It sounds like you had a lovely time with your friends although 8 hours in the van doesn't sound like much fun.
    Well done with the cooking! I hope you feel better soon with your back and the cold. x

  2. Mylo is too cute, I miss not having a dog as they make you go out for walks. Hope your back is feeling better

  3. Sounds like you had a lovely trip down south spending time with your friends. Love the photo of Mylo looking very at home in front of the castle. Good luck with the training for your next big event and hope you feel better soon. #project365