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Tips for using hair fibers

According to the NHS, male-pattern baldness affects 6.5 million men in the UK, often causing a variety of negative emotions. It's a common concern that can affect anyone, regardless of gender.
While there are various long-term solutions for hair loss to explore, sometimes you need a quick fix to feel confident about your hair. Hair fibres are a fantastic option for achieving the illusion of thicker, fuller hair in a matter of minutes. But you need to use the right technique to create a natural-looking result using hair-building fibers. We’ll share our expert tips for using hair fibres below.

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Choose the right colour
Don't settle for almost right – you want a shade that seamlessly blends with your natural hair. Most brands offer a wide range of colours, from jet black to blonde. If you have natural hair, pick a colour that matches your current shade. If you have highlights or lowlights, consider a blend of colours to achieve a more natural, multi-dimensional look. Since hair can appear lighter outdoors, you might need a slightly darker shade for a perfect match when you're outside.

Prepare properly
Hair fibres work best on completely dry hair, as moisture can cause them to clump and become visible. Wash and style your hair as usual but skip any leave-in conditioners or oils that might affect adhesion. A defined parting creates a natural foundation for the fibres to adhere to, so use a comb to create a clean part where you want the most coverage if you don’t have one naturally.

Apply strategically
Less is always more when it comes to hair fibres. A heavy hand can lead to an unnatural, clumpy look. Begin with a small amount and add more gradually. Gently shake over the thinning areas, focusing on the roots where your hair normally grows to create the most natural-looking coverage. For areas like a receding hairline or a widening centre part, use a special applicator or a fine-tooth comb for more precise placement.

Lock in the look
Once you've applied the fibres, it's time to set them for a long-lasting effect. Use a spritz of a fibre-holding spray, designed to keep them in a secure place throughout the day, especially in windy or humid conditions. After the spray dries, use a gentle patting motion or a soft brush to blend the fibres seamlessly with your natural hair, creating a more natural, textured look.

Reclaiming your confidence
Hair loss is a difficult issue to navigate but it doesn’t have to destroy your self-esteem. Even a temporary solution like hair fibres can seriously boost your confidence. Use the tips above to master the art of using hair fibres and reclaim your shine within minutes.

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