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Hidden gems of Malta

Malta is a small island nation nestled in the heart of the Mediterranean. It’s rich in history and culture and offers more than meets the eye. It’s known for its vibrant tourism and has become a popular destination in recent years, especially among British travellers. 

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Malta welcomed nearly 3 million inbound tourists in 2023, which was a significant increase from the previous year, demonstrating its growing appeal as a holiday destination​. There’s a lot to do when you visit and many of them are hidden to everyday tourists. 

If you’re a traveller who loves to explore hidden gems when you visit a new country, this guide is for you. Continue reading to learn more about Malta and the best spots that tourists may not know existed.

Why do people love holidaying here? 

There’s a lot to love about Malta, which is why so many tourists flock here every year. Some of the highlights include: 

  • Its rich culture and heritage 

  • Stunning landscapes 

  • Great weather

  • Friendly and hospitable locals 

  • Vibrant nightlife 

  • Incredible local cuisine to try

  • English being their first language

  • Plenty of exciting festivals to enjoy that celebrate its culture

What are the hidden gems in this country? 

1. The silent city of Mdina at night

Mdina is spectacular by day and transforms as the sun sets. The narrow, lamp-lit streets of this ancient walled city offer a mystic, serene atmosphere quite unlike any other. 

Without the daytime crowds, the silence is profound with footsteps on its cobblestone paths being the only sound present. It's an ideal setting if you want to experience history coming alive in the quiet of the night.

2. The fishing village of Marsaxlokk

Marsaxlokk is a traditional fishing village in the southeastern part of Malta and is famous for its array of brightly coloured fishing boats known as 'luzzus'. 

You must explore the local market where the day's catch is proudly displayed and sold. This spot offers a glimpse into the local lifestyle and culinary traditions, making it a perfect destination for seafood lovers and photographers alike.

3. The Blue Grotto at dawn

Experience the awe-inspiring beauty of the Blue Grotto by visiting at dawn before the crowds arrive. The early morning creates dazzling reflections in the deep blue waters. 

For adventurers, kayaking trips offer a unique vantage point to appreciate the natural beauty of these water-formed caves.

4. Dingli Cliffs off the beaten path

The highest points in Malta are the Dingli Cliffs, which offer breathtaking views of the open sea and the tiny uninhabited island of Filfla. 

Ideal for walkers and those seeking tranquillity, the cliffs present an unspoiled natural setting that is perfect for sunset views.

5. The salt pans of Gozo

Gozo's northern coast is lined with ancient salt pans with some still in use today. Visiting during the harvesting season offers a unique insight into this age-old tradition. 

The geometric beauty of the pans against the backdrop of the Mediterranean makes it a stunning place to take photos.

6. Ħaġar Qim and Mnajdra temples at spring equinox

These megalithic temples date back over 5,000 years and are aligned perfectly with the equinox sunrise, illuminating the ancient stones for a spectacular display.

This event offers a beautiful spectacle and insight into the astronomical knowledge of Malta's people.

7. The war tunnels of Mellieħa

A network of wartime tunnels used during WWII to shelter locals from bombings is hidden beneath the quaint town of Mellieħa. 

Today, guided tours are available and provide a deep dive into the island's wartime history and resilience. This is a fascinating way to spend a day during your stay.

8. Palazzo Parisio in Naxxar

Often overlooked in favour of more famous sites, Palazzo Parisio boasts opulent interiors and lush gardens. 

This 18th-century palace, known as the 'mini-Versailles', offers a glimpse into the luxury and architectural beauty of Malta’s past.

What do I need to know ahead of my Malta trip? 

First off, you should look for the quickest ways to reach your accommodation after a long flight. Booking a budget-friendly airport transfer ahead of your flight can ensure a stress-free start to your trip.

Secondly, check the weather before you visit to make sure you pack accordingly. Malta can get very hot, so you’ll need to know what suncream, clothes and accessories to pack. 

Finally, make sure you’re aware of cultural and religious customs. There are plenty of religious sites you’ll visit that set modest dress codes and have a no-nonsense policy when it comes to anti-social behaviour.

Malta might be compact, but it’s filled with hidden treasures waiting to be discovered. Each site offers a unique slice of Malta's heritage and natural beauty, promising memorable experiences far from the usual tourist trails. 

Whether you're looking for history, tranquillity or natural beauty, Malta's lesser-known gems deliver it all with an authentic charm.

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