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Hidden holiday gem

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Today I want to talk about my favourite holiday destination for hidden gems I have been very fortunate and travelled a lot as a child as  My parents took me on some Great holiday deals when I was younger. I was the first at my school to travel abroad. Some of these really stick out to me. I am a history geek. Even from a young age, I was interested in the history of not only the UK but the world. History fascinates me. Most of my holidays will include a trip to a local landmark or site of historical significance. If I am honest this tends to be what I remember most about these trips. 

Ephesus Turkey
we were holidaying in Marmaris turkey. I remember it was a very long coach ride I was about 12.  This has to be the one that really sticks out to me. We travelled to Ephesus. This was a dream. Ephesus is the best preserved and excavated Roman and Greek ruins in the world. The town was expected to be found in the 10th century BC Athenian prince named Androklos. Ephesus went through a war in 650BC and had to completely rebuild. eventually,  after another war, it was taken over by the Persian Empire of Cyrus the Great. eventually, it was liberated by Alexander the Great. 

After Alexander died it was fought over again by his descendant until it was consumed by the Roman empire. this was now about the late second century.

I remember walk thought the amphitheatre in complete wonder. It was so intact. The streets are paved You can actually see marks on the stone from Romanian chariots. The Roman baths were complete you could stand and see the toilet with full drainage systems. It really lets you step back in time to the Roman era. When I was there they had only uncovered 15% of what they knew was there. This was huge. the area really is a must-see for any history buff. 

The best sights include the Library of Celsus these ruins stand two floors high and if you google Ephese this is the main photo. The temple of Hadrian built in 118AD. The amphitheatre, 
 But to actually stand there it is mesmerizing and, to be honest, it's hard to take it all in.  

I may have been young when I went here but it really left an imprint on my life I have to say this trip probably triggered my interest in ancient Rome. I have always wanted to go back. I do remember it was busy and booking was essential. If I was going to turkey again I would book this trip in a heartbeat. I will at some point return to Turkey to make this trip. I am of the opinion that you should always try and find the culture in a destination and try to absorb the local culture. It really will broaden your horizons and even maybe like me pique an interest.