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The best quality canvas in the uk

Hi everyone, 

How are you? 

I love making memories. One of my favourite things to do when I return from any trip is to get a canvas of the highlights made up. I want to share with you my CanvasChamp Canvas I had made after our recent holiday to Wales. 
canvas photo with four small photos of family.

These are my four favourite photos of our trip. One of the photos was a bit overexposed not CanvasChamp canvas prints fault this was a selfie the boys took and I loved it so I wanted to add it. 

baby in ball pit with bright coloured balls two woman taking selfie at beach

cute little doy smiling at camera in white shirt

The ordering. 
Oh my goodness, this is the easiest canvas I have ever ordered. It is super convenient. Plus the prices are insane. They are super cheap. I honestly can not believe how good this is as it was so cheap. 

You start your order by picking what size frame you would like. Mine is 8x12in in case you are wondering. I love that canvas champ have inches and cms on their site. I know I work in inches and an always confused by cms so this is super helpful. 

next up you choose what type of canvas you want. I wanted a normal one. They do lots like Mozaic to photo displays you can get whatever you are looking for.  now its time to upload the image you want. You can choose at this point to make any edits or choose a bigger or smaller size. Add it to your cart and you have a beautiful canvas winging its way to you. At only £12.18 which include standard delivery! How can such amazing quality be so cheap? I know I keep saying that but honestly, I have paid a fortune in the past for a really badly put together canvas. 

The canvas already came with a hook installed so hanging is super easy.  I don't know about you but I hate when I have ordered a canvas and you have to put this on yourself. 

Not something I would normally talk about. I live in the rural highland and this canvas arrived in 3 days. How on earth did they turn this around so fast? I have ordered items next day delivery which has taken 5 days to get to me before. This is amazing. 

I honestly could not recommend CanvasChamp enough. I will not be getting my canvas from anywhere else now. I have had the mine up for two days and even my postie complimented me on it.