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Bluestone wales Grassholm galivants Day one

Today we are talking about a wonderful holiday we have just come back from. 
bluestone wales. We were delighted to have been invited to come and spend four nights in  Grassholm Lodge in Bluestone. 

What is bluestone? 
Bluestone is a national park resort in Pembrokeshire in Wales. Imagine the nicest holiday pack you have ever been to then add a sprinkle of awesome dust and that is Bluestone. 

They have luxury accommodation ranging from studios to all the way up to bunkhouses sleeping, 14 people. I am saying luxury as this is no ordinary accommodation. Each one is stunning in design and architecture. Each lodge is super spacious and modern but also homely. It really is the best balance of home meets holiday. 

Oh, my where to start? They have a water park, adventure centre. wellness spa, High ropes course and all the outdoor activities you can think off and probably more! There was so much there your days could be jammed packed morning to night if you liked. Best of all there is something for everyone. We have Ed to test baby activities and us to test adult ones Or maybe Ed was our excuse to act like big kids for a few days. the theme of Bluestone is nature and you really feel in the heart of a beautiful forest surrounded by hills and trees. 

There is Everything from a local chippy, cafes, pubs, to a fine dining restaurant. There is so much choice. There is also a mini supermarket selling everything you need to prepare food and drinks. There is even a dinner show with pirates and outdoor BBQ at camp smokey. You really are taken care of no matter which type of break you are here for. If you are on a budget or on a spendy break. You are sorted. 

So on the trip with me were my Husband and our friends Claire, Dave, and Edward (ED). Ed is only 8 months old but already finding his feet at helping me to do blog reviews. Let not pretend, we all had fun doing all the kiddy things with Ed. But honestly, they were for him. Ok moving on. 

I will insert a little vid of our lodge below. 

We arrived late at about 6pm as We were travelling from the lake district. It was about 5 and a half hours driving. We stopped a couple times for breaks to feed Ed and also we went to a castle about halfway into wales. 

 kitchen in grassholm bluestonestairs and chair grassholm bluestone

When we arrived the check-in was busy. it was just a pull up in your car and check-in at the booth. Considering there was a queue we were check-in within 5 minutes. Bluestone is very impressive and I am not sure I was expecting how big the resort really is.  We had our van and Claire and Dave had their car. We were given directions to our home for the next few days. Bluestone operates with no cars at your lodges policy. Unless you are offloading. This is so good for the family-friendly atmosphere as there are lots of people on bikes and buggies.  We drove straight to our lodge.
sitting room in grassholm
Bluestone is beautiful. I am already a huge fan of Wales but this is a mini paradise for the family. It is lush green grass and beautifully manicured gardens. I was blown away when we entered  Grassholm lodge. To say it was stunning would be an understatement. I had read a lot online about how great it would be but I always worry it won't be what I expect. Our lodge sleeps 8. with one double en-suite and three twins and 2 bathrooms. Each room is really big. I was surprised at the actual size of the loads. I have stayed in other holiday packs and the accommodation has been tiny. Its the attention to detail that bluestone puts into the lodges which are just awesome. Like the baby gates and nappy bin. Things I wouldn't normally notice but travelling with Ed. These touches are just great. (no he don't quite need the baby gate yet but next year I am sure he will. 
twin room in grassholm bluestonestunning bathroom in cottage
We unloaded the cars and made ourselves at home. We knew we would be tired and by the time we got to actually making dinner, it was 9pm. The boys made us a lovely curry. There really is everything you need to cook a big meal in the lodge. One thing that stands out for us in the kitchen is there is a full freezer. This might seem odd to mention but in the summer I like ice in my drinks and ice lolly's or even to throw in a couple pizzas after a long day of fun perfect. How many times have you been to a holiday cottage and there is that tiny freezer in the top of the fridge. Good on you bluestone. 

It was bedtime for us. I was super excited to go exploring the next day. It is strange but blue stone really brings out that feeling when you were a child of excitement. I couldn't wait to go swimming with Ed. 

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