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Upbra review with wobble test.

Hi everyone, 

How are you? 

So its May, Oh my gosh it's May you know what that means it nearly summer clothes weather. I want to let you in on a little secret, well big secret of mine. You may already know I have rather large boobs. There is no getting away from that fact. But this really affects me. I have to really think when picking clothes and worry about how they look. I dread summer and wearing skimpy clothing until I found a little underwear secret. Ok, it's not a secret but it feels like one. 

I would like to introduce you to how I fake a great set of boobs. With the amazing Upbra.com (don't forget to check out the full range from them). 

upbra`on blue back ground facing front
 This is the solid nude I have the size 34DDD £64.33. It is stunning. It looks like a nice ordinary bra until you flip it over and wow. The magic happens in the cups. The first thing you notice is the little love heart grips. these keep your breast in place. Next, your eye is drawn to the little cross closer in the middle. I love that this bra is seamless and plan. The quality really shines through the material feels super lux and lovely on my skin.  Meaning it really is a wardrobe staple. 
the back view of up bra including cross over details for moving cups

heart detail on upbra to hold boobs in place
 How cute is this? 
 Now My boobs never look this good and here is the magic part of the bra check out the video

close up of cross on upbra
I could not be more happy with a bra. This magically gives you the boobs you have always dreamed of without plastic surgery. I have boobs which are no longer in the position I would like them to be but this miracle bra really makes me super confident and looks amazing in all different outfits. 
unlike other bras, this one stays in the right position no matter what you are doing. If like me you have larger breasts you will know the boob shuffle you have to do. I can honestly say this did not happen with this bra. I can wear this all day and forget it is on. You all know that is not a normal thing for any girl who wears an underwire bra. Normally you are counting down the hours to get it off. 

back view of woman wearing upbra front view of woman in upbra

Upbra has a range of styles. To go under every outfit including strapless and bikinis. The sizes range  
International Size Conversion Chart

Before ordering make sure you check out there how to fit guide. I can not wait to order a bikini. I know I will wear this bra to death. It is super comfy and I have never felt this confident in my own boobs. I have been considering a boob lift for quite some time and this has changed my mind and it a lot less expensive. 

I will be getting a bikini to test next so stay tuned.