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Strength tools- Best kettlebell on the market?

Hi everyone, 

How are you all? 

Today we are talking the best invention to ever hit the kettlebell weight market. 
I need to introduce you all to my new favorite bit of weight training kit I own. 
strengthtools £159 for the standard size and £169 the Olympic size. 

The standard is 6kg and the Olympic is 10kg. You just add on your own weight plates to make it the desired weight you want. 

These amazing kettlebell system has changed my life. I have thrown out all my old kettel bells and just use this one. 

What they say 
"Designed specifically to act as a ‘Full Kettlebell Set In One’, the StrengthTool is compatible with your existing weight plates set, or the set you use at the gym, negating the need to buy specialized weights. It's made from high-grade solid stainless steel and can be loaded up to 135kg/300lbs (5 x 25kg/55lbs plates - manufacturer dependent), with a 35mm smooth finish handle optimized for two-handed swings."
This is the best quality item I have ever seen. I have been to lots of gyms in my time and some equipment can seem flimsy but this bad boy is made of sturdy stuff. My strength training requires me to use a lot of different sizes of kettlebell and they are not easy to store. I also have weights and weight bars. This ingenious tool lets me use the weight I already own to make a customized kettlebell. So for days, I need extra weight I just slid a new disc on it, and for the day I need less weight off it comes. You can use this to do any exercise you normally use your kettlebell for. 

it really could be more simple to use. It is super secure when it is fully put together give you the confidence to work out with even thinking about it. Plus you only have one thing to store not 10 different sized kettlebells. I honestly could not rate this more. 
The handle is super grippy there is no way you are letting this bad boy go. It clings to your hands with ease. 

If like me you suffer from kettlebell hand. Little grip blister under the skin on the hand. You can say goodbye to them too as this completely eliminates them. I think its the design of the handle. This really is the best kettlebell I have ever owned. I have also recommended this to the gym near. Me what a fab way to save money and also have a kettlebell which everyone can use. 

Strength tools have kindly given me a discount code for you all. 
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