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5 reasons for cleaning your home with lemon

lemon on counter top cut open
We all know that lemons smell nice and that, when used as a cleaning detergent, it subconsciously tells us that a room or place is clean. But did you know that when using lemons as a cleaning detergent, you will achieve a better result too? We learnt this from some of the most successful cleaners who use the Helpling app. This is what they do.
We were surprised to learn that some of the cleaners using the Helping app, made the availability of lemons part of the deal when agreeing to a cleaning job. We didn’t understand why, but this is what they had to say.
Lemons leave a nice scent but lemon juice is a very potent ingredient in any cleaning detergent. When you put some lemon juice on a cotton ball or sponge that you place in a fridge or freezer, for instance, it will absorb foul odours and make the fridge or freezer smell nice again.
They also cut lemons in half and rub the cut side over dull pots and pans to make them shiny again. Once they’ve rub the half lemon over the pot or pan they will just wipe the pot or pan down with a soft cloth. Our cleaners often use one half of the lemon to rub pots or pans while the other half is reserved for cleaning a cutting board. This board will be rubbed too and the result will be that the cutting will smell nice again. When there is no lemon available to rub the cutting board, they will simply use undiluted lemon juice to achieve the same result. This trick also works when you want to clean a wooden floor.
Lemon juice also works when you want to remove the stains in the armpits of long sleeve shirts. Just put some lemon juice on the stain and Bob is your uncle.
Once you think you are finished using the lemon, all you need to do is to cut it up into small pieces and throw it down the drains. This is not an alternative to dispose of it but will ensure that the drains will continue to smell nice no matter what it is that you flush down.
There are many more tricks where lemon juice would work to leave a nice scent. Did you know that insects and rodents don’t like the smell of lemon? Use that knowledge to prevent them from entering your home (again) by sprinkling some lemon juice on the windowsills and doorsteps. Spray some more in any crack or gap that insects and rodents can use to hide or make a nest.
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It is amazing to experience these small but very effective tips about using lemons for cleaning your home.