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What bloggers need in an office

Hi everyone, 

How are you all? 

As a full-time blogger, I get asked some random questions one of the most common is where do you work from and what is your office like. I work from home. Which sounds like the dream right? Yes, it is awesome but I have had to convert one of my bedrooms into an office. The only difference between me working from home and working in a normal office is I work long hours and my dogs are normally at my feet. Right now it is 6.15pm and I am eating my dinner whilst working. Yes, all my 9-5 friends are long clocked off and heading home. 

Don't get me wrong I love my job and find myself very fortunate but there are a few things I could not live without in my little office of dreams. I thought I would share them with you In case you are looking to build your own home office. 

laptop open with I'm still working on the screen
I can not function without my laptop. I know obvious but true. I had an unfortunate incident with my dalmatian wrapping the laptop cable around his paw and chewing it off. ( he was fine) The laptop cable was not. This meant a whole week off work for me. I live very rurally and it took a week for my new charger to arrive. Make sure you own a spare laptop, iPad camera, and phone charger. Do not own a dalmatian. Ok, I am joking, 

My whiteboard is from teacherboards.co.uk. This one is a Wall-mounted flip chart with dry wipe whiteboard £90. This one is perfect I can use it as a whiteboard and I can use notepads on it. I make notes but mostly it's my to-do list. I live to wipe of finished tasks and posts. Come on there is nothing more satisfying than wiping off a whiteboard. 

A desk with organizers. I have mine from Ikea ADILS/LINNMON £19 You buy the leg separately. when I bought it It was meant to be a quick fix but I have ever had a better desk and it nice and big. 

I have this Brada Laptop support £3.95 in pink and I also have the mini version for my iPad pro. I use the Ipad pro one all the time but I just use the laptop on when I put the laptop away. but It does keep everything super neat and tidy. 
I have a white chest of drawers which is solely for makeup. Yip, it is dedicated to my makeup collection and nothing else. I know I need help but I am very fortunate to be gifted lots of items. These were ikea Malm £60. Inside this everything is separated using old monthly subscription boxes. It works better and any dividers I have ever found. 
IKEA MALM chest of 3 drawers Extra roomy drawers; more space for storage.

Storage is a big thing for me. I need a lot of it and I am always on the hunt for more. I have two tables in here and also a storage box. 

On top of the storage box, I have a photo box for shooting flat lays and products. I am constantly buying bits and bobs for new photo ideas. 

I will do a full tour, But right now I have just returned from holiday and my office has become the dumping ground for our bags. I love my little sanctuary. these are the basic I think any new blogger will need in there office. You can build up from there.