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Bluestone wales Grassholm galivants Day four and five

Have you caught up with the rest of our trip? Day one two and three?

Today we were up early as Claire and myself booked into the spa! The men took ED to the play centre again and a stop at the pub. I have popped in the photos they sent us.
baby in ball pit surrounded by colourful balls two man with baby cheering
The well Spa retreat

Where do I start? This is bliss. We checked in and fill in our registration card. We both decided on having a wellness massage. This gives you free use of the full spa. There are so many different things to try. The sea salt cave, experience showers, Ice Pod, Merine and herbal steam rooms, Celtic and brick saunas and hydro pool We tried them all and I can report they are all wonderful. My favourites were the brick sauna and the Ice pod. Yes, I did cover myself in ice to feel the real benefits.

We were asked to arrive in the coffee area for about 15 minutes before our treatment. There was a wonderful array of coffee and tea,  Also lovely little treats such as chocolate and petit fours. I had some of these and a coffee. Claire has a nut allergy so she can't have any. I ate her share I would say.
We were called for our appointments. as you know I am a massage therapist and super picky when it comes to my treatments. We got to pick two areas to be worked on I choose my back and legs. The treatment rooms are lovely really relaxing. My therapist was wonderful and really made me feel at ease. I really enjoyed my massage.

After our treatment, we had another drink before it was time to leave the spa and find the boys. The Spa was wonderful and at on £60 for a full morning plus treatment, I think this is a bargain. I just wish I had booked in for more treatments. Next time.

Since it was our last full day and we all decided to go back to the Blue Lagoon water park. We went into the shop in the Blue Lagoon to get ed a new ring float. The staff could not have been more help in choosing the right size for Ed. They were lovely. Next, we headed into the pool. The weather outside was warm and the walk to the outside jacuzzi was a lot nicer this time. We had a blast again playing with Ed in the water and being big kids on the water slides.

It was time to head home and get ready for dinner. Tonight we are eating out at farmhouse grill As we had not booked we had almost enough time to have a cocktail before our table was ready. The cocktail here is amazing so delish.
green cocktail on table
We informed the waiter of Claire allergy and he came with another menu and also told us he had informed the chef. We all had Burgers and they were the best burger I have ever had. I ate mine before I even got a photo that's how good they were. I honestly want to go back to Bluestone for those burgers along. I also have to mention the staff in Farmhouse grill were all so lovely and professional. Best meal of the holiday hands down.

Next up it was over to the tavern for the quiz night. This was so much fun, Although it was a bit loud for Ed who had fallen asleep. I am afraid to report we did not win. but we had a right laugh. Time for us to head back to the lodge and head to bed.

The last day.
we got up early and packed the cars. Check out is 10 but you can use the rest of the resort all day. We had to get back up the road so it was a nice breakfast in the coffee shop on site. OH MY GOSH, they have the best bacon breakfast roll in the world. Plus the coffee is amazing.

cream coffee with heart on foam

Sadly It was time to leave the park. I have to say we all got the holiday blues when we got home. I loved Bluestone and could not recommend it enough. It is not just for families. It really is for everyone. We were there for four night and there is so much more to do on our next trip. If you are looking for a fun holiday destination why not give bluestone a try. I bet you won't regret it.