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XLS Nutrition week one results

Well, I want to introduce you to my new weight loss plan. XLS nutrition

XLS nutrition is a meal replacement shake plan. I am on the two shakes a day, healthy snacks and dinner plan. As you know if you have followed me for a while I take nutrition seriously and I would never try something I believe to be harmful after reading the plan and the nutrient content of the shakes. I am more than Happy to be an XLS Nutrition boost buddy. ( The blogger program name).

The shake is all under 250 calories. they come in vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. 
You can add low-fat milk or I use almond milk(unsweetened). It is high in protein. Has all the essential vitamins and minerals and even micronutrients your body need to function at optimum levels. 

I add my milk (200ml) and four scoops of your powder to my blender and sometimes some ice and blend for a few seconds. This gives me a nice thick shake. They all taste awesome. I have to say I favour the strawberry and chocolate one the best.  Which is weird because I normally really dislike the chocolate flavoured thing. I love chocolate but not in like milkshakes but this one is yum. 

First thing first. I had to have a professional photo shoot. This was nerve-racking as I have not done a photo shoot for something like this beside me doing it myself. The photographer was ace and made me feel perfectly at ease. I can not wait to get my journey on the road so I can have my after photos were taken. 

Check out new XLS nutrition shakes for all the nutrient info.  The main thing to know Lots of those lovely B vitamins for slow energy release meaning, no mid-afternoon slumps. 

Check out my first-week journey 

My starting weight was 11st08  Week one 10.98 Lost 5lbs
My measurements in inches

          Start   Now  Lost 
Bust    38.3    37    1.3
Waist   32.5    29    3.5
Hips     39       38       
Bum     42.1    39     3
Thigh   23       22.5  0.5
Calf     14.5     14    0.5
Arm    11.5      11    0.5

I think you will agree with me that this has been an awesome week.