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Xls nutrition week 2-3 results

Well, it's a sunny day here and I am feeling good. Its the end of week three for me on my XLS Nutrition Shakes. I had a technical nightmare last week. I filmed my video update and some little gremlin decided to kill the whole thing. No matter how I tried it would not upload. Grr... Anyways back to what you are all here for.  to fill you in on my health week two I had sinusitis. So it was a slow week for me. Week three I was still recovering. So not the best couple of weeks but I'm a lot better now.

I thought it would be good to show you what exercise I do too.

Week two 
1x hour spin on my turbo trainer Calorie Burn 434
1x biking day trails (15miles)  Calorie Burn 1939
1x biking day trails (17miles) Calorie Burn 2051

Week three
1x biking day 23.1 miles Calorie Burn 1643 (Downhill gondola)
1x turbo trainer 90mins  Calorie Burn 539
2x strength videos Calorie Burn 289 +1 x turbo training Calorie Burn 373
1x painting the kitchen and a 60mins turbo training spin Calorie Burn 994
1x biking day 279mins trial plus two downhill laps Calorie Burn 1886

Weight lost -2lb Over the two weeks
Inches lost
Bust -1
Waist -1.5
Hips -3!!!!!!!
Bum -0.8
Thighs -1
Calfs -0.5
Arms -0.5

I feel a bit mixed about week two as I was ill. I was hoping to see more off the scales but I am far more interested in Inches. I am feeling better in my clothes and more confident in my skin. Which for me is always a win. I have not really struggled with the shakes. They fit seamlessly into my life.

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