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How to make going self employed less scary

Hi everyone, 

How are you all? 
It's always a bit scary when you make a huge change in your life. I have been very fortunate to be able to turn this little blog into a business but It has been a big decision for me to fully commit to being full-time self-employed. I thought I would share with you.  How I made going self-employed less scary. first things, first congratulations on going self-employed.

The first thing I did was look for Small Business loans. There was a couple of things I need to update to make this business a success. My computer was old and had limited storage. I needed to buy a camera instead of just using my iPhone, along with lots of other bits and bobs. I was not financially in a place where I could buy these myself. This really helped me with the start-up costs of my business. Plus it made me feel better. I can not recommend this enough if like me you need new kit to make going self-employed easier. Why not look into one. 

Next up Have confidence in yourself, Remember you are your business! Confidence in what you are doing is the key to success. At the end of the day, You could not have got to this point if you had not worked hard and learned your craft. Don't let anyone put you down. 

Whilst we are talking about this. Do not undersell yourself. Know your worth. Too many people in my industry undersell themselves and will work for next to nothing. If you were in your 9-5 job would your complete tasks for free? No, I didn't think so. You are worth it and you deserve to make money. This is after all your job. Don't be afraid to negotiate a rate. I do. On that note, you can say NO also. This is one I used to struggle with but If someone offers you very little is this honestly worth your time and energy to complete this? Would you expect to go to tesco and get things for free? No, you wouldn't. You are building your bank balance and business remember that. 

Network, There is no harm in Networking. I always remember that the person on the other end of my emails is a human and it is nice to be polite. Emails can be interpreted in many ways, something you think sounds fine might be interpreted as negative. Just remember we are all human and have good and bad days.  Plus the better your relationship with the people you contact the more chance of more work. 

Set time limits. You need to have a normal life or you will go insane. Yes, your business is Important but spending hour and hours on it will not help you to have sanity. I set myself hours to work. This is normally when my husband is working so that I am not behind my computer 14 hours a day. Yes, it is very hard to do but honestly. You need to. We are all guilty of picking up or phones and saying I'm just going to ... arent we? just remember this is what pays your bills and yes you may like me love what you do but you do need to switch off. Even Richard Branson and Bill Gates take time off. it seems to have worked well for them. 

Remember you have made this choice, it is not for everyone but the benefits for me out weight the negatives and I have never been so happy to be in this position. Welcome to the world of running your own empire ahem, I mean business. 

Hope this has helped you.