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How to prevent sun damage from the inside.

Hi Everyone, 

How are you?

I am sat in my garden writing this post. This is the first warm dry day in a while and I am starting to realize maybe summer is around the corner.  I want to talk today about sun damage. 

Yes, I use SPF but there is a way of helping your skin from the inside. I use Colladeen Visage. These are High strength anthocyanidins, lutein, and green tea extract tablets. These help to promote collegen production in your body but I will go into that further down.  These little tablets, when taken correctly, can give you a natural SPF of factor 15. It is also proven to reduce fine lines, wrinkle and spider veins. All whilst making skin firmer.  all you have to do is take two tablets a day with a meal. 

So why do I take these? 
I am scared of sun damage. I am out in the sun a lot mountain biking. I realise that sun exposer is not good for my skin and also very aging. I am getting to the age where I am concerned about these factors. Yes SPF is good but I would like to know that I am doing my very best to give my skin a fighting chance in the battle against aging. 

Colladeen Visage is formulated to protect your skin from sun damage. This is something I can easily do to protect my skin from inside my body. These tables work in rain or shine and really transform dull skin into glowing younger looking skin. Along with a huge number of other benefits. 

Whats in them? 

Anthocyanidins are antioxidants found in red or purple fruits and vegs. There are used for all types of thing from fighting free radicals to anti-viral and even as an anti-inflammatory. So perfect for skin aging. 

Lutein is another antioxidant that plays a vital role in skin and eye health. This is found in dark green veg and eggs. Food such as spinach and the ever so fashional kale. Intrestingly I found out whilst doing research that people with blue eyes are more likely to be deficient in Lutein Well I have blue eyes. reading this information really made me decide these supplements were for me.   

Green tea, 
You will already know if you have been following me for a while, that I believe green tea has mystical weight loss powers. It is another strong antioxidant. Green tea helps to eliminate toxins from the body, by flushing them out. This helps skin heal blemishes and even reduce scars. It is one of the best natural anti-inflammatories. Green tea has been proven to fight the signs of aging as well as reverse sun damage. Also a huge benefit for me is my dark circle round my eyes seem to reduce with green tea.

Vitamin c 
Everyone knows all the wonderful benefits of vitamin c. 
This is the important nutrient which creates and maintain collagen. Collagen is a protein made up of amino-acids. It is basically what binds our body connective tissue together. Collagen gives our skin elasticity and strength. Collagen makes up 30% of our bodies. Without collagen, our skin would have no elasticity at all. As we age we lose collagen and our cell structures weaken
This can lead to skin sagging, wrinkles, lifeless skin and dull hair. Another reason in its self to take these supplements 

Vitamin C also promotes growth in hair and nails. Did you know it can also prevent hangnails? It helps your body absorb Iron, Lessening the chances of you becoming anaemic. I have been there! it was awful. Not only that but it is known to help boost your energy levels.  Vitamin C is not water soluble meaning your body can not store it. This making a daily dose essential. 

I really like these tablets and I can't wait to see more long-term results. I really think taking natural supplements are good for our body. In this modern world, we need a helping hand with getting the right amount of vitamin and nutrients. There is nothing more important than the health of you and your family so why not get that nutrient boot you need from Colladeen Visage.