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5 super easy money saving tips and tricks

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Is it me or is money always on your mind? I think its a generational thing but I find my biggest worry is Money and the lack thereof and I don't think I am the only one. I am not saying I am in any way poor or need money. I just find I am not saving as much as I would like. I thought today I would share with you my 5 money-saving tips. 

1. Do not bury your head in the sand. If something untoward happens. Like your car breaks down Or the heating breaks down and you have no cash to fix it, What are you going to do? These are the things you can't live without. There is no shame in taking out a payday loan. I have used Cash Lady before when I was in a jam and I would recommend them to you. As long as you can make the repayments it is a lifeline. I hate asking for help and this way I don't have to and I can pay it back on payday. I would rather that than go without my car or heating. 

2. Sell your old unwanted items. Why not sign up to Ebay, sell that old dress you wore once to your friend's wedding that you will never wear again. what about the perfume you got for your birthday you hate?  Come on we all hoard stuff that we could make money from. Would you really miss it? 

3. Start a saving plan. Did you see the episode of Friend where Monica losses her job and she is speaking to her parents and they say they have thought her to save 10% of her wages? well, this is not the worst idea in the world. Is it I am not saying 10% but think about setting up a standing order to take a percentage of your wages and put it into a saving plan for emergencies or a Holiday? 

4. Shop better, I use places like Amazon and muscle food to buy my groceries. They are far cheaper than going to the supermarkets near me. It is super easy to not meal plan and then spend £20 a day at your local supermarket just picking up dinner. Not to mention this can help you lead a healthier life. By actually putting thought into what you eat and ordering it online. 
On this note never ever shop hungry you will fill your trolly with rubbish. 

5. Find a discount code. When shopping online I will look for a discount code I use the site dealsdaddy, they have the most up to date codes and discounts. If I can't find one on there I also check dealsqueen as that in my other go-to discount code site.  Then If I really can't find a code. I will ask myself if I really need the item or can it wait until a new discount code has been released?  Most of the time the answer is yes it can wait. This also stops me from impulse buying. I find not shopping online at night helps me too. If I am tired I tend to shop more recklessly. Have you ever received an order and though what on earth did I order? I bet you ordered it lying in bed one night on an internet ordering binge.

I hope you find these little tips helpful.