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Rejuvenating Your Life and Home This Summer

Your home is an extension of you, regardless of whether it’s a countryside retreat or urban haven. It is where your personality is on display, and where your preferences and your lifestyle habits come to fruition. Though there is no right or wrong way to design your own personal space, there are things that you can do to improve it. The only home improvements you need to add to your home are ones that improve your health. From regular cleaning schedules to a better choice in purchasing habits, here are the top tips for rejuvenating your life and home this summer.

Minimise Your Life
To start, you need to minimise your life. Materialistic things are nice to have, but far too often we collect things we don’t use and don’t need. These are items that can clutter our lives and leave us feeling like we are missing something. Instead of finding solace in more items which you certainly don’t need, de-clutter and then better your buying habits. You should only ever buy something if it lasts you a long time, you need it, or it is something that you will treasure. If you ever buy something with a “why not” attitude, you are only minimising how much you value the item. By cutting back and putting more emphasis on what you buy, you can appreciate everything you have. It will lead to a cleaner home and a healthier life.
summer garden with white tree in bloom.
Making the Most of Your Garden  
One of the greatest parts of the UK are the lush gardens attached to nearly every home. Even in metropolises such as London, there is a huge percentage of green spaces – 47% of the city, in fact. This greenery is due in part to the gardens and green spaces made by residents. It helps the city stay pretty, helps manage air pollution, and offers significant mental health benefits.

If you do not know how to make the most out of your garden, however, you are definitely missing out on making the most out of your property. You should get professional aeration for your lawn at the start of summer, for instance, to ensure proper irrigation and healthy grass from the start. Similarly, understanding the plants you have in your garden can go a long way towards keeping them healthy and happy. The greener your outdoor space is, the more you can benefit from both the sight of nature and the fresher air as well.  

Going Waste-Free
Plastic waste and single-use plastics are on the rise in the UK, leading to stuffed garbage bags and a lot of unwrapping that can frankly become exhausting. Even if you were to go green and aim to recycle more, a lot of the film and packaging used by products in grocery stores you could not currently recycle it. It means that the plastic instead has to go to a landfill where it will only hurt the environment and our futures. To stop this, go waste free. Shop at local farmer’s markets, bring your own bags, and try your best to say no to single-use plastics. It is the healthier option that will also let you do your part for the local community and the environment at large.

Bringing in Greenery
There is no better way to improve your health than to add plants to your home. From the cleaner air to relaxing side-effects, plants are miracle workers and necessary for our health and happiness. It is just a bonus that they also happen to look incredibly stylish in any home and in every room. If you aren’t very good at watering them, there are self-watering systems that allow you to even go on vacation without worrying that you’ll come back to a house full of dead plants.

Regular Cleaning Habits
A clean home is a healthy home, but there are plenty of items within our home that we frankly neglect far too often. Pillows and duvets, for instance, should be washed every three months. Your sweat and the oils your skin secretes will penetrate past the pillow and duvet covers and seep into the beddings themselves. Washing them every three months will help keep them clean and help you and your family stay healthy. Just make sure to read and follow the label, as some pillows can be washed at home, whereas other bedding will require specialist treatment.

Your home and your life go hand in hand. If you want to better your life, you have to first better your home. Your home is your base of operations, and the quality of your life at home will affect how you live outside of it.