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Inspirational Sunday - Amanda YM-Designs

Hay everyone, 

Its Sunday which only means one thing inspirational Sunday.  
This week I have an amazing blog for you all about the lovely Amanda from YM-Designs

The lovely hubby of Amanda, Lee AKA @Ym_WebDesigns  Website
Ym design

has written a pieces for us to enjoy.  Make sure you check out this company.

So grab a cuppa and lets get inspired.  

My wife, Amanda, was asked to write a post for this blog, but I felt it would be more appropriate if I wrote it on her behalf!

Amanda and I met originally when we were 4 years old at our primary school.  Back then, we never really even spoke to each other but little did we know that we would be getting married just a mere 19 years later.  Since March 2011, Amanda has followed me all over the country as a very loyal partner and we have been through thick and thin together.  This is mainly due to the fact I was in the British Army at the time which meant we never really stayed in the same place for too long.  

We married in October 2011 whilst Amanda was quite heavily pregnant with our son, Hayden.  A couple of months later, just 4 days after Christmas day, Hayden was brought into our world and I was lucky enough to take him home on my birthday, the 30th December!  Our boy became the real reason for the start of YM-Designs.

Amanda is naturally a creative person with a real flair for design. I will always remember her showing me a couple of things she put together on a design program one day after returning from work and thinking, "these are actually quite good!".  She took it upon herself to make a Twitter account under the name @YMDesigns_x and made people aware of her presence.  Being able to do something she loves whilst being there for Hayden at the same time was in her eyes, a no brainer!  It didn't take long for other businesses to recognise Amanda's talents, so she began to build up her client base using solely social media.  Before long, orders were coming in thick and fast for all sorts of graphic work, ranging from simple business card designs, to completely complex logo designs that could take many hours!  In just 18 months, Amanda has turned what she thought was just a hobby, into something with such great potential.  YM-Designs has kept on growing and growing, and it seems what was once a small dream, is now a successful graphic and web design business.

Amanda is the most dedicated Mummy and wife I have ever met!  Hayden absolutely adores her and he gets the full benefit of her attention each and every single day. How she manages to juggle being a mummy, housewife and successful businesswoman is completely beyond me! Coming home from work to a tidy house, tea cooked and on the table and more happy customers than I can count is really brilliant.  She has inspired me to help her business grow in any way that I can, and it now seems a real possibility for us to take this and turn it into something very successful. 

I know that if Amanda wrote this herself, she would have been far too modest!  I hope I have portrayed my fantastic wife well enough for everyone else to see it the way I do.  She is an inspiration to everybody who has a dream and wants to turn it into something special.

Lee Woodier - Loving husband and father to Amanda and Hayden Woodier

Well if that doesn't pull on your heart strings you are made of stone. I'm not ashamed to say I may have got teary reading this. 
I also have a very amazing frame hanging decide me as I type which was created by Amanda I love it.