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My 3 day Detox with Juice to u

Hay everyone

How are  you all today? 

So I have done my first ever detox with Juice to u.

 The 3 day detox program is £79 which comes with your 3 days of juice and two free lemons for you to have in water to give you system a good cleanse.

This is how my juice arrives all safe and sound. I was very surprised this came still really cold. this arrived on tuesday ready for my detox to begin on wednesday. 
 So here is a Days worth of juice 4 juices a day with fruit tea and water and lemon but nothing else.
 your 1st drink is a 9 am and its called clean green very cucumber tasting and full of good nutrients.

then at 12 you have your lunch time lets glow which is very sweet and strawberry is the main flavor.
3pm bring another clean green 
6pm is berry good ( my fave)this one is like a berry smoothie you would buy it so delicious.

I have a YouTube review going up so please go check that out
 My youtube. 

After the 3 days I have to say my result are amazing. Here is a run down on my loses. 

weight loss 
5.5lbs or 2.5kg

Inches lost 
waist 2in
hips 2ins
bum 2in
arms 1/2 a inch
thigh 2.5 inches 
calfs 1/2 a inch.

 My camera deleted my before photos but here are ones I took recently before the detox

Now I am over the moon with the results and I will defo do a detox again.
Even if I had not lost any weight my body and skin are reaping the benefits of the system. My skin is clearer. I can really feel a difference in my body. Plus it really is a mental test to see if you can put mind over matter and stop your urges for food.

Have you Detoxed? 

MissLJBeauty xoxo