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Marie belle handbags and jewerly

Hay everyone, 

How are we all today? 

So on Tuesday  @mariebellexo launched there new website and I started a big old shopping list 😀! 

And for my gorgeous followers they have given me a code for 10% off!! Eeek 

MBLJBEAUTY10 so pop this in and get shopping

Here's my picks 

This is £8 ( don't forget your discount code ) 
This one is £19.99 love the colour so summer! 

This one is £8 and I think perfect for flower girls of your having red as your colour!

This bag has me drooling £19.99 

This is £7.00 sooo pretty. 

How sweet are these! £5. 

This is my fave! 

£8... Come tooo me my pretty. 

What do you think ? Think I'll pop in a order and do a unboxing? 



  1. OMG! I want all of it lol but really and so cheap

    1. we must have the same taste, I want it all tooo xx

  2. oh the little bracelet is so sweet :)

    Ila x

    1. its so cute isnt it the colour is amazing xx