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Mays 2014 shower must haves

Hi everyone?

How are we today?

Heres my may shower faves!

Richard Ward Keratin shampoo and conditioner here for £5.99
Lee Stafford tretment Here for £10.99
I love this shampoo and conditioner for my fine hair it leave it with so much more volume and shine.
The Lee stafford. This is a very strong amazing treatment the smell of my hair is amazing after this and I feel a huge differance.

Imperial leather foamburst vanilla cherry £3.09
This is heaven in a showergel for me the smell is so devine and the
foam is so nice. nice change from normal shower gel.
Skin Doctors no More hair £10.99 here this really works. I will do a full review on this when I complete using it but it really stops the hair growing so fast.

Johnsons baby oil here for £3.11 I have used baby oil daily for years and love how soft it leaves my skin.

I love this pearl drops mostly as its Pink Here for £3.99
I love this face wash. it smalls heavenly and it leaves my skin feeling clean and hydrated without clogging my pores what more could I want? Here for £14.95

So have you used any new products I need to try?

MissLJbeauty Xoxo