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Wedding 10 Facts a bride learns

Hi everyone,

So our wedding is under 5 weeks now so I thought Id share the 10 things no one tells you in the run up to your wedding.

Well here is what I found out...

1. No matter how laid back you are you will stress about your/Our Big day.

2. You will at least once a day say "why are we doing this again to each other?"

3. Yes it is your/our day but secretly its got very little to do with you and it all about others.

4. You will fall out with some of your family.

5. There is always one awkward bridesmaid you cant not please (lucky for me mine in no longer in the wedding)

 6. You will obsess about center pieces

7. Your co workers will be sick of hearing your latest wedding drama.

8. you become strangely worried "your song" does not have the wording you would like to be your first dance song.

9.You will have at least one person who is has a nut/meat/world allergy.

10 You will not have seen 80% of your guests in 10 years. leading to alot of you thinking "and this is?" aw this is uncle bobs cat sitter who once baby sat me when I was 4 how could I forget. 

I have been a little wedding stressed ATM so writing this has cheered me up hope you like it ? 

MissLJBeauty xoxo


  1. Ah weddings, I was so scatter brained about mine, I just decided to go with the flow in the end and it worked out fine, have you got long to go? X

  2. ah i hope it all goes well! good luck, and congratulations!! try to stress less and enjoy yourself! :)