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Beets blu Heart rate monitor and pager

Hi everyone, 

as you know I have upped my fitness again and have been in the market for a heart rate monitor for a while. I got this little beauty form amazon £29.95 I like that it is connected via bluetooth with your phone. I have found this to be a awesome bit of kit to train with. It has shown me than i actually train harder than i though I did in turn burning more calories! Boom love that! 

This sits snug to your chest its nice to ware, I like that i forget its one so it must be good!
You set your app to start and thats it recording your data. 
I love how simple its is to work. perfect for me and it links to my strava! 

The page tag again bought form amazon  £18.95
I bought this to find my dog in the house as she always gos and hides. 
This has a range of ten meters so covers your house or office. 
and you can set it to beep from your phone saving the wheres my keys dramas or in my case where is millie hiding! Plus you can use it at the airport for your baggage and it will let you know when its on the luggage belt. That will defo be happening on our next holidays. 

I love that this can be set to be a remote for taking photos or videos on your phone to who needs a selfie stick now I have a remote 

Have you tired any of these? 

MissLJBeauty xox 

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