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Scottish beauty show

I am excited as I am going to with two of my lovely girls. I haven't had a girls trip in so long its not right. I don't get to go to many events but I am not missing this one! any excuse to get a trip away. lol 
Just a 4 hour drive with me at the wheel. 

I am looking forward to staying at I actually used to live round the corner from this hotel many years ago and used the gym there a few times. I wasn't owned by this company at the time but with the refurb it has had it looks awesome plus they do three person rooms and have a pool steam room and sauna. 
perfect for our tired bones to relax in. 

We are coming down to stay on the Sunday night and going to the event on the Monday.  We got a really good deal for the room as we booked in advance and Being a ex resident of Edinburgh I know its not to far to the event. We will try and do a vlog for you of our trip. 

Now for the exciting part not only will we get to go to the But a bit of shopping after the show too maybe. 

I keep checking the list of brands that are going to the show and I'm excited to see Benefit, Aurora hair products Dermalogica OPI Taneraser The list gos on and on for me! There is also hair stage and nail competition. As you can guess as a beauty blogger this is heaven in an event for me! There is still time to get your tickets and come join me. 

Are you going? 

MissLJBeauty xoxo

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