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New fun way to up your water in take infruition bottle

Hi everyone, 
How are you today? 

As you know I'm back to fitness and diet. So lately I have noticed I have not been drinking as much water as I normally do. I tend to get busy and forget but I have found a new fun way to make water a bigger part of my day!
 These bottles are awesome This is the glass bottle. I love my water flavored and with this bottle I have tried so many new variations of water. This bottle is £17.99

 This is the inner bit where you add your fruit I love strawberry and lemon. I have used fresh and frozen fruit which both work out amazing.

 The sports one has a different lid to fit in to a more active life and less likely to spill on the go. This one costs £19.99

 easy re-seal able lid make it perfect for biking


I would say using this bottle at work has upped my water intake to double what I normally have 
which makes me feel less run down and helps my skin no end. 

I would recommend these to anyone looking to up there water intake and make it healthy and fun. 
great for adding fruit to your diet too. 

Have you tired this? 

Missljbeauty xoxo