Superdrug haul Hair removal and exfoliating. - MissLJBeauty

Superdrug haul Hair removal and exfoliating.

Hi everyone 
How are you? 
I've been super busy and had to do a made dash round superdrug for a few bits
 so I though share what I bought with you. 

First off I needed/wanted new shampoo. 
You know I can be super puck with shampoos and I go through a love hate with most of my favriote. 
I picked up this Aussie beach mate shampoo & conditor. 
I really like how cleansing this shampoo is and I choose the 3 minute miracle condoned 
As my hair need a good boost. The conditioner is the most  amazing one I have had in ages. 
My hair feels replenished and it's so easy to brush after and bonus it's not weighted down.  This is half price at the mo. 

I love... Peachy passion fruit where has this been all my life! I love the smell of this it's so 
Sweet and fresh it reminds me of summer! I have only used it as shower gel but so far I am in heaven. 

Superdrug Pebbles Super Exfoliating Gloves I was in need of a new pair of exfoliating gloves. Biking plus bear leg = a lot of oil & dirt to remove. They are very course. You have to go supper light with these the grain is maybe abit to much for me. 

I love nair hair remover cream, I've never tried this one before but it's all that was left in super drug so grab it. This works like a dream, just smother your legs wait 10 mins and use the funky pink spatula to remove, hair free legs for at least a week. No irritation or shaving cuts!

Super drug eye shapers. 
Where have you been Hiding? I have never used a product like this instead spend about £15 having my brows waxed! 
These little wax strips are pre cut to a nice shape and really are simple to use. 
You just apply to the area you want to remove the hair from pull your skin tight and boom your 
Brows are nicely shaped these where on offer for about £1.50 I've saved a fortune. 

There is always room for MUA Lipsticks how can you complain when they are £1 each 

I picked up lilac bell and wild berry. I love the colour pay off from these and they last for ages. 
So pretty. Plus great for a night out I hate taking my Mac lip sticks out as I'm scared I'll lose them. So these are awesome to throw in your going out bag! 

Have you bought any new products lately? 

Missljbeauty xoxo