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My new tea craze Teatulia

Hi Everyone,

How are you all today?

As you know I'm slightly addicted to tea in all forms. So I love when I get to discover new brands and flavours. I want to introduce you to

The green tea
I liked this one, as you know I believe in the health and diet benefits of green tea. This one tasted almost sweet to me and didn't have that bitter after taste you get with some green teas. Did I mention it smells of fresh cut grass which is summer in a mug to me. 

Oh my gosh this is the prefect pick me up after a busy morning. It's refreshing. I actually had it as a iced tea. Which was amazing so zesty and really made you feel alive. The smell is almost as good as the taste. 
Tulsi tea
This is a tea I have never ever tried before. I've tried it with milk and its spicy but sweet I'd say it's a mid afternoon one for me. I Luke buy more for the office to try as I'd love to hear what others thought. From the smel you just couldn't guess how really nice this is. 

Earl of Bengal 
To me this is a lighter version of earl grey. I actually like this better than earl grey if I'm honest. It has a malty after taste which at first I wasn't sure of but you learn to love it. It's like a fine whiskey the more you saviour it the better it gets. 

Black tea
Ok this one had me confused to start I could swear I smelt apricot, I added milk and sweetener to this one and it was a delicious cup of tea. I'm not sure I'd add milk again as I feel it would have been just as good on its own.  

Have you tried teatulia? 

What teatulia says & why it's special
 Teatulia is named after the region in Northern Bangladesh, Tetulia, where our tea is grown. Teatulia Organic Single Garden teas reflect the pristine and delicate environment from which they hail. The Teatulia Organic Tea Garden sprang forth from virgin land nestling against the Himalayas to the North and the Brahmaputra and Ganges Rivers to the South. Into this perfect tea-growing land, we introduced strong, vibrant saplings, which were planted with care in the new millennium. Since then, the tea plants have been encouraged and nurtured by Mother Nature’s own hand. The result: exquisite, organic teas unlike any you’ve experienced before. Fresh. Clean. Smooth.
Fresher than Fresh. Single-Garden Direct
Teatulia organic tea comes directly to you from our organic tea garden. There is no middle man, no long-term warehouse storage and no waiting around to be put into just the right blend as defined by a third-party blender. What does this mean for you? You get to enjoy some of the freshest certified organic tea in the world, and you know exactly where it came from.
Fresher Social Responsibility
Teatulia is no ordinary tea garden. Started in 2000 to give back to our community, we sought an enterprise that would give the most people a living wage while protecting/strengthening our environment. Not content with the social programs already in place, our Teatulia Cooperative has established revolutionary education, health and cattle-lending programs for the people working in the garden and surrounding areas. All sales of Teatulia Organic Teas contribute to this mission, helping to better the lives of Bangladeshi men, women & children while rebuilding the local ecosystem.

Why Choose Teatulia?

  • Respects the land on which it's grown, the community of workers who produce it and the people who drink it.
  • We grow all of our teas in our single USDA-certified organic garden in northern Bangladesh, and at nearly 2,000 acres, we own one of the largest organic tea gardens in the world!
  • And from growing to packaging, Teatulia gives tea lovers only the best and most responsibly cultivated product; the canisters are completely compostable, while the labels are made of recycled post-consumer paper.