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Dry oil spray by AHAVA

Hi everyone, 

How are you all today? 
It's finally summer up her and by that I mean it's almost warm. The Scottish summer this year seem to be no existent. So it's time to make a better effort with hydrating my skin. In between showers. 

Here's the latest product to my collection 
AHAVA Deadsea plants Dry oil body mist in cactus & pink pepper. 
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So what I think. 
I love oils you all know that. I like them maybe to much. I feel like hanging my head in shame I have never really though about using a dry oil before. Unless it's to get rid of midges ( bugs) whilst outside in the highlands and these don't smell awful to me anyways. 

This sprays on really nicely. It's light and easy to spread. I really love the scent if I'm honest I was worried about my choice in scent as you know I am weird about smells. 
This smells so fresh and sweet but not over whelming. It leaves your skin soft and glistening. I have noticed that any cuts or scratches from my mountain biking are healing quicker because I'm using this. 
You can get dressed straight away after you use this. I tend to give my arms a wee spray at lunch time. 
The scent is lovely but not strong enough to overwhelm any perfume you want to wear. 

After a few week my skin is definitely softer and smoother. I would recommend taking this on holiday for night times it would be awesome to highlight a tan. 

What AHAVA they say 


This Dry Body Oil Mist Is A Mast. Feel A Touch Of Happiness With This Uplifting Combination Of Cactus And Pink Pepper. Infuse Skin With An Intense Blend Of Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E, And Powerful Anti Oxidant Dunaliella Algae For Free Radical Protection. Leaver Nothing Behind But A Soft, Silky, Radiant Body And The Natural Glow Of Healthy Well Being.

Directions For Use: Spray On Clean Skin Or As Needed Throughout The Day. For Instant Boost Of Hydration, Avoid Eyes.
Have you tried any of these products? 
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