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No fuss Ten under the Ben race 2015

Hi Everyone,

So I have been absent for a wee while. I will get in to the reasons in another post but I was training for the 10 Under The Ben Race.

If you seen my last post on this I'm sure you know, I was a bit worried and then to add insult to injury
I caught the sickness bug two days before the race. Que violins I Know!

Anyways I'm never one to let anyone down and I defo wasn't going to do this to My Partner in crime Fi.

So we managed to get a good spot for our pit crew! Who By the way spent most of them time drinking Beer & whiskey (Oh wait they did take our bike off the cars!)

No you know I'm a highland girl but by gosh the midges where out for blood that day! and as we got ready we where all eaten alive!

So Fi did the 1st lap whilst I waited at our pit with the crew Ok I played with my dogs who came for support Team blonde too.

then It was my first lap of my first ever race and I was bricking it. As you know I try to get in to fitness as much as I can But I have been pushing myself biking wise so I didn't get Fi down. The trail was hard but I had done everything before. there were a few bits I didn't ride. which if I had time I would have but It was a race and I didn't have time to muck about. I was very proud that I never walked any up hills I biked the whole time. which If you had know my biking skills this time last year you would be very surprised. It was very hard work but worth the months of training.

The trail was mostly up hill and I only do the up hills, for the down hills.
My first lap I did it in 1hr34mins which I was quite happy with.

Fi was super fast and she was averaging 1hr12mins. and completed 4 Laps 38 miles (1st lap is shorter) and I completed 3 laps totaling 30 miles. thanks gosh for my new saddle!

Fi had a bit of a bike problem on her last lap and she was riding without being able to change gears TBH she is a legend for continuing with a broken bike. Have you ever tried to cycle up hill in a hard gear!!! try that for 10 miles! Poor fi!

We couldn't believe it when we looked at the board and we had come third in our group!
We were delighted! So My first mountain bike race was great I really enjoyed it. But next year i feel we need team shirts as we were the only pair with out them!

What a great day!

Have you done any races?

MissLJBeauty xoxo

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