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A day in the life of a piste princess

Hi everyone, 

I'm Laura and welcome to my day. So let's get this day started. You are wondering where I am, aren’t you? , Well here is where I have woken up today with my gorgeous husband. 

outside ski lodge with snow on the ground
The heavenly Bohinj Park Eco hotel, we arrived here at Bohinjska Bistrica village, Slovenia.  Everyone knows Slovenia is the place to be seen this year. After a peaceful flight from Glasgow yesterday.  All organised thought crystalski.co.uk with no stress for me. Let face it who has time to do the leg work when you have crystal ski to do it for you. Luxuary with no stress yes please. My husband was so surprised at the amazing standard of service we have received. He loves the finer things in life. 
stunning hotel room with bed luxury
Its 730am and it's time to get up. I lift my head from the bed a bit fizzy from last night’s welcome drinks in the cocktail bar, what it would have been rude not to. After a long and luxury shower and I change into my breakfast outfit. Stylish but practical. 

Breakfast is Devine lots of pastry's and fruit heaven after my champers last night. 
Then it's back to my room which is more of a suite to be honest. It's time to prepare for my first ski lesson which was all organised thought my travel agent de jour crystal ski 
I clicked the first timer’s package option. No lugging about ski at the airport for me. Lift passes sorted and so is ski school. On goes my new ski gear I purchased for the trip. Where would we be without ski and board magazine to tell us the latest styles? I look the part. Now for the hair everyone knows the classic fishtail braid is the way to go, Classy and no chance of a hair out of place on the slopes. 

I have to confess I am a novice having only had a few lessons in the Scottish Highlands last year. 
U.K. Skiing is so much fun but the snow was hit and miss, so looking forward to fresh soft powder to cushion my delicate falls. Ok think Bridget Jones. 

After what felt like 5 minutes, why is it when you’re enjoying oneself time fast forwards? It’s time for lunch. My instructor was amazing and I'm snow ploughing like a pro. My confidence booming. Is there anything more thrilling than whizzing down the slopes.

Lunch is at the amazing.  It’s a veggie pizza and hot chocolate for me. My husband chooses something a bit meatier for his lunch. He has not been with me this morning as he is already a skier. So off he went on the slopes for some fun by himself. He comes back with lots of stories of the routes he has done. 

The afternoon is ours we play on the beginner’s routes. My husband is delighted with my progress already. I feel like I'm in a dream world. The views are better than I could have imagined. You feel like you are the top of the world. 

It's time to head back to our hotel as I've booked couples massage for us and my body is thanking me for this. 

I swear this hotel was made for me. I enjoy my poor muscles getting the joyous attention they deserve after an epic day on the slopes. Then we hit the saunas, steam room and pool. 

Now it's back to the room to get ready for a fun night a head. My husband pops the champagne cork with a huge bang. Its defo and instagram moment As I decide what to wear. I'm thinking a nice dress. I choose a black maxi with my tiffany’s necklace and bangle. A fur gilet and I'm ready to apply my make up like a military operation Mac, Dior, urban decay etc. I swear my make-up bag is a who's who of make brands. 

We have a lovely gourmet meal with wine accomplishment. We have an after dinner drink in the cocktail bar, the bartender remembers my cocktail of choice from last night and it's placed in front of me before I even ask. Now that's service. It's now time to see what Bohinjska Bistrica village, has to offer. We go to a couple bars meets some friends who recommend a local night club. So glad I put on this dress. I'm a bit cold but as they say style keeps me warm. 

Off we head in a taxi to the nightclub we dance drink and have a blast. Then it's time to crash out in our beautiful room to do it all again tomorrow.