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Fitting Your Hair Extensions: How to Do it Properly

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I see so many girls around these days wearing their hair extensions while making it excruciatingly obvious. If you can’t see a clip, then you can always see the step where their real hair starts. Sometimes, in dire situations, you can see both. Tragedy! The idea isn’t just to get length or thickness girls; it’s to make them look as natural as possible. Like your own hair! Here I’m going to give you some tips that will hopefully help you to fit yours properly and make them look natural:

If your hair is short, clip the bottom layer

There is nothing more annoying than seeing somebody wear hair extensions, and notice their actual hair peek through underneath. Usually flicking under making a show of itself. It doesn’t matter how much you straighten it or try to curl it into your hair extensions, it’ll pop out at one time or another. To combat this, clip the bottom layer out of the way using bobby pins, and clip your bottom hair extension over it to give the illusion that it’s the bottom of your hair. It’ll look so much more natural this way and you won’t have any annoying flicky bits. Even if it doesn’t flick, it can be a good idea to clip the layer out of the way anyway if it’s a different length. You don’t want any telltale signs that you’re wearing extensions at all.

Clip them in at an Angle

Instead of clipping your hair extensions in straight across, clip them at an angle ever so slightly. You can create more of a natural, layered look this way without ever going to the hairdressers, and your hair won’t be all choppy and messy!

Backcomb your hair at the root before application

Instead of applying your extensions to clean hair, which can make them slip, backcomb at the root. Simply section off your hair, and use a fine toothed comb to get a good backcomb so the hair stands up on its own. You can watch tutorials of this if you’re unsure. The goal isn’t to make it all stand up as messy as possible, just to get some grip and texture at the root. You can then clip your hair extension in firmly and feel confident that it will stay in place. Just make sure you brush out the backcomb afterwards to avoid doing any damage to your hair.

Don’t Space them Too far Apart

Spacing your hair extensions too far apart can make them look unnatural too. You need to space them out so you can apply to different layers of your hair, but make sure you’re doing it evenly. If you buy quality hair extensions, instructions might even come in the box for you to work with.


Use a Mirror to Make sure You Can’t See Clips

When you’ve done your whole head, don’t get ahead of yourself and leave the house. The first thing you need to do is use a mirror to make sure you can’t see the clips. Check around your whole head, and move your head as you do so to make sure none of them peek through. There’s nothing worse than seeing a girl showing off her hair extension clips while she remains none the wiser. Make sure your hair is smooth as you clip in your hair pieces and you shouldn’t have any problems. Try to make the sections of hair you tie off for clipping as straight as possible too.

Brush Through as You Go Along

As you apply your hair extensions, brush through so they blend in as well as possible with your natural hair. Do it after you apply each section, and then brush through together as a whole at the end. You could even leave them like this if you’re happy with the style!
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Blend Your Own Hair

If your hair is quite a bit shorter than the extensions, it’s a good idea to avoid styling it straight. You’ll need to blend your own hair in by curling it or waving it along with the extensions. This will create the illusion of naturally long hair and people won’t be able to tell. Just make sure you use the mirror again when you think you’re finished to ensure that no pieces of hair look out of place.

With practice, you’ll soon be able to fit your hair extensions like a pro. No matter your natural hair length or style, there’s no need for anybody to be able to tell that you’re wearing clip ins!