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How to Look and Feel Your Most Beautiful

Hi everyone? How are you all today?

Sometimes I know us women fret about not feeling or looking our very best. That is totally justified; sometimes you have days like that. However, with a little care, there are ways to make sure that you feel fantastic all the time. Here are a few ways you can help yourself feel and look great.


Exercise regime
So anyone who reads my blog, knows that I love staying in shape. I am a real advocate for fitness. Exercise is one of the best ways to help pick you up and leave you feeling fantastic. If you have had a really hard day at the office, it feels so good to let off some steam at the gym. Exercise releases endorphins which in turn leave you feeling positive and happier. Plus, you will feel so proud of yourself for sticking to your fitness regime!

Go to sleep
Getting enough sleep can work wonders. It is such a simple solution and something that we all seem to overlook. So many of my friends live this crazily busy lifestyle, trying to enjoy all the things they can. That is great in moderation, but sometimes you just need to take some time for yourself and get a good night’s sleep. Experts recommend at least eight hours of sleep. It is during this time that your body can recover from the day’s events. If you don’t get enough sleep, your body is not able to recover fully and can leave you feeling rough the next day. You can also tell when a person hasn’t had enough sleep thanks to those evil dark circles around your eyes. With enough sleep your skin will positively glow.

Cosmetic surgery
Not everyone will opt for this choice, but for the people who choose it, it can work wonders. If you aren’t happy with a part of your body and see the only way to fix it as being surgery, then you should go for it. We all want to feel great. Whatever your body hang up might be, there is most probably a fix for it. Like I found out, if you aren’t happy with the size and shape of your eyes, you can have eye cosmetic surgery! If you choose this option, be sure to find a good surgeon who can answer all your questions.

This one is my wild card. I am sure many people won’t buy into the benefits of meditation. However, on the flip side, I am sure a lot of people already see the benefits. I think the main thing to note is that if you are a sceptic, it probably won’t work for you. But if you are open to something new, then why not give it a go? Meditation can help to combat stress, slows down biological aging, boosts your mood and improves sleep and memory. So many people swear by it as a way to relax and feel better.

MissLJBeauty xoxo