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My must have diet and fitness drinks & shakes

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How are you? 

Today I have been thinkg about my must have go to items for fitness and diet nutrition.  
 O.R.S Hydration tablets I have these in my bag all the time. I get them on amazon save and subscribe so they are super cheap and come every month. My only critisum is that they only have the lemon flavor. I do like this one but sometimes I wish I could try the other flavours they have. 
 when I'm working out I find a lose alot of hydration that I just cant get back without these little beauties. I really feel hydrated and refreshed after I have these.

 The Protien works This will be no shock if you have followed me for a while. I love the Protien works. I have so many of them . This is my cupboard! but Today I will introduce you to my latest buys. If you fancy trying The protien works Add my code LM106973 for a week treat. 
 On a work day I alway have a protien smootie with either almond or coconut milk then I add either banana or avacado. I have tried so many differnt types of this. Just now I am on the breakfast fuel which I havent tried before but This makes the most sense to me as I always have it for breakfast. This is filling the flavour is very iced caramel macchiato. If you love iced coffee this is the one for you. This keeps me full until lunch. actually it can keep me going until late afternoon. 

What they say "Breakfast Fuel is the ultimate morning protein shake specifically formulated for your morning nutrient window. Designed to restart and fuel your body at the start of the day, Breakfast Fuel is an innovative formula engineered exclusively with premium grade ingredients. It is designed to help promote your physical and mental performance throughout the day.

TPW™ Breakfast Fuel incorporates a timed-release protein blend giving a tapered delivery of aminos to the body. It also includes our unique low GI supergrains formula and TPW Performance Boosting Vitamin & Mineral Blend™, providing over 200% of your RDA of key vitamins and minerals."

 Diet super greens, I have been ill this year and hopefully after my visit to hospital I will be able to find out whats been going on. So I thought this would be an amazing supliment to my diet as I feel the more good nurtiion I can get in my body the better right? I went for the pomigante & Cranberry

What they say 

Diet Super Greens powder from The Protein Works™ is a revolutionary formula that incorporates all the nutritional benefits of our best-selling Super Greens powder with cutting-edge premium grade ingredients designed to aid fat loss. One serving of Diet Super Greens powder equates to 5 portions of fruit and veg.

Diet Super Greens powder breaks new ground in the nutrition industry combining 23 of the world's most nutrient dense food sources and optimal doses of Green Tea Extract, CLA, Acetyl L Carnitine and Yerba Mate. It is designed to help prevent fat storage, promote fat loss, boost energy levels and detoxify the body.

 Lemon Protein mug cake. This is amazing I bought the chocolate version for my hubby and he is in love with it. I'm more of a lemon fan so grab this when it was released and boy oh boy and I am not sorry. Spongey cakey lemony heaven in a mug and only 150 calories. need I say more? Its the quickest hot dessert I have ever made it took 2 minutes. 
I love this coconut milk. It comes in to its own in a smootie and i cant seem to buy anything else its not overly sweet and blends so well its defo my must grab item. 

MissLJbeauty xoxo

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