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12 things girl bikers do

Hi Everyone,

How are you all today?

Today I want to do a fun post. 12 Thing's girl mountain bikers know about.

  1. Most British bike ride you will be covered head to toe in muddy. We embrace the mud.
  2. We no longer complain about putting on muddy shorts or wet shoes. 
  3. We spend a lot of time with your girl biking friends talking vaginas and sometimes to the boys. 
  4. There is no perfect saddle, shorts, shoes, well any kit really. 
  5. We think We are Danny MacAskill during a jump. The photo says you jumped 3 inches.
  6. Makeup under a full face helmet will not last. Whatever! waterproof mascara and foundation you are crap you come on the trails. Can I get a refund to buy shorts?
  7. You have used the words rad and stoked and you are not being ironic.
  8. Summer holidays are now more Les Gets than Lanzarote (hold on do they have mountains there). 
  9. Wages buy shorts and bikes, not bread and milk. FACT
  10. When you fall you protect your bike, not your body. Bruising and broken bones are cool, right? OH my Gosh, my bike is scratched, what am I going to do!? I'm not kidding this is the worst thing to happen to me. (you're in a full body cast while you say this)
  11. We will be confused for a boy, on the trails. Unless in screaming girl colours. I'm a girl bitch. Yep, you were overtaken by a girl Sucker. 
  12. Our work colleagues will assume we are mad. Why did you climb a mountain to ride down it? Is mountain biking even hard? 20 miles on a bike Up hills? have you lost your mind? You need to stop biking you are always getting hurt. My reply if you're not flying you're not trying! 
Just a fun little post