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Monthly favorites beauty to fitness

Hi, Everyone. 

How are you all?

I know I am super rubbish at doing these every month but I promise to get better. 

Let's start with beauty, shall we? I am head over heels with this brand. 

 This is F01 the quick brush £13.83. This brush is awesome. It's part of their travel range or on the go. This one is described as a face brush. Time to let you in on a not so secret as You know I am a makeup artist. I spend my life looking for the perfect brushes. It really is my never ending quest. I have brushes from everywhere from Mac to Elf and I just haven't found the one. 

For myself, I tend to use a sponge or my fingers (stop judging me) but I have been converted by this little beauty. This brush is anti-bacterial and vegan-friendly. Let's take a minute for the design it's just so pretty. I really love the pink and silver. The bristles are so so soft. I use this for my foundation. it glides on with ease and buffs the product to perfection. I have also tried this with powder and contour. I have to say this would be my go to brush if I had limited space in my bag. It is the perfect all rounder. 

Next up staying with Blank canvas cosmetics.  

Airbrush Blender Sponge £6.05 I know what you are thinking another beauty blender. As you know I have tried every brand you can think of and whilst I think if you are new to the revolution you will not really know the bad from the good. I want to introduce you to the best. I know bold claim right? 

This blender is just amazing to use. I pop it in warm water for about a minute before I use it then just squeeze out the excess water. I pop a pump of my foundation on the back of my wrist then blend into to my face. This sinks in like a dream. It leaves a lovely airbrush finish. 

Last for this brand 

BC BRUSH AND SPONGE SOLID SOAP £12.97. I am forever washing brushes. I know poor me right! Ha. I have been using baby shampoo this works well but I do find it takes ages to dry my brushes. In my business hygiene is very important. Plus you have to take care of your brushes as they are a huge part of your tools of the trade. you can be the best makeup artist in the world but rubbish brushes will give you a bad result. 

What I do is rub my brush head over the solid soap to create a latter. then rising in warm water until there is no residue left. Never be heavy handed you are cleaning not breaking your brushes. If you are too heavy handed you can destroy the brush. Never get the metal area of the brush wet. reshape your brushes and lay flat. I like to put paper towels under them. 

 Primark lip liners. These are £1 and work just as well as my high-end ones. I won't be buying high end liners again. 


Whilst we are talking Primark. Primark fitness gear is amazing. I have tried their items before and never been impressed. Being a mountain biker I rip a lot of leggings. So I thought I would give their new range a go. Thinking oh well it's cheap so it doesn't really matter if it's rubbish. OH MY GOSH there stuff is amazing the fit is nice the material the right amount of stretch. Not see though unlike the last lot I bought and I have had so many compliments! Well Done Primark. I really hope this isn't just a new year thing and they keep this up. 

My favourite jumper this month also Primark. This is so soft and gorgeous. I am wearing it as I type. 
This is the right level of between winter and summer item. It's thin but cosy. It looks great on and is longer than I expected. Is it just me or is everything shorter in the body at the moment. 

 mountain biking gear 

I am in love with my outfit I wore to Bike park wales. This is by I am going to do a full post about this so I won't harp on about them now. I'll just say these are amazing and kept me very safe. 

What's your Monthly faves this month?