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Results with Lucy HIIT Harder final !!!

Hi Everyone, 

I have an exciting and very well earned post. I completed 12 weeks with Results with Lucy
See my posts here why results with Lucy and Half way update  giving you the full picture of my journey. 

I need to take a wee minute to tell you how much fun this program is. I am so much fitter than when I started this program. As you know I am a mountain biker or I try not to fall off my mountain biker. 
I always thought I wasn't fit but I wasn't unfit. Is that even a thing? 
Before I did this program I would do a 10 mile mountain bike ride and feel the pain for days after. After this I can easy do a 25 mile ride and do the same again the next day! If you are in to biking or any other sport you need this in your life. My riding has benefited hugely from getting my fitness back. I couldn't recommend this program enough! Yes you might be bike fit but there is a huge difference to being FIT and bike fit for sure. I actually found myself a few times on killer climbs saying what would Lucy or Celica do here? Get off and push no chance. Power through Girl!

Ok I could go on and on about How much I love this program but I know what you are here for 

First off I have a hour glass figure and I don't use scales only a tape measure This is full result for 12 weeks. 
Chest 1 Inch
Waist 5 inches
Stomach 5.5 inches
Hips 4.5 inches
Bum 3 inches
thighs 3.5 inches
Arms 2 inches 

ALL IN 24.5 inches (This is crazy)

Here's how to measure your Body the RWL way

I couldn't be more delighted with my progress and I really think RWL is the way to go if you want to join the fitness revolution. I'm going to try and go on a bootcamp this year and Vlog it for you all. Next challenge Sophie's programs, So stay tuned for my next Journey.