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8 Money saving tips and tricks

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How are you all? 

Do any of you find yourself a bit spendy on payday and realised half way through the month your money just isn't going as far as you want it too. Aw, why is it payday comes and goes every month faster than the last and the next few weeks feel like torture? If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook
 you will know I love a freebie or five!

Today I wanted to share my top 8 freebies and money-saving tips/deals I use from gratisfaction.co.uk This site has saved me a fortune. I love getting free things and I am that crazy person who will search for an hour for a discount code. (well before I found you lovely Gratis Faction)

1. Free tennis balls for dogs. The way to my heart is through my furbabies. One of my dogs is OBSESSED with a tennis ball so this would have to be number one. or she would bite me. Ok Just kidding. 

2. FREE Aussie hair care bundle. Yes, Who don't have Aussie.  Come on, look in your bathroom I bet there's a 3-minute conditioner hiding in the back of your shelf.  Hint, I use this to shave my legs so much better than saving cream. 

3. Razors. I hate buying razors. Why are they so expensive? Come on, most of the world uses a razor In some way. I don't want to part with £10 for a razor. A quick search and boom free razors. 

4. 20% discount code for Marks and Spencers. I love M&S for many things but Mostly for underwear and Rosie for Autograph things. Wheres my card I'm off to buy me some stuff. With a great feeling as I am saving 20%. 

5. Coconut oil. I Love this little life changing oil. I use it in so many forms from cooking to hair masks. This little stuff costs a fortune though. Yes, It is worth it but I hate spending so much money on it. 

6. Free perfume samples. I love perfume and live remotely, so I can't walk down a city high street and sample the newest fragrance. I love getting a sample as and I really feel it give you enough of a chance to try the perfume before making that purchase.  Perfumes can be really expensive. I once bought a very well know perfume *Cough* Chanel without smelling it and I hated it I mean HATED IT. It just was not me. Yuk

7. Amazon discount voucher codes. Let's face it you have shopped at amazon and you wish you could find a code with no hassle and boom here is gratisfaction.co.uk to give you the newst and best ones out there. More time for shopping Or watching hours of funny youtube just me?

8. Whitening toothpaste. Another thing we all buy constantly is toothpaste and I don't know about you but is it getting more expensive? The last tube I bought was on offer in Boots for £4.99 What on earth? Since when has oral hygiene got so pricey? Yes I want pearly whites but I don't want to have to take a bank loan to pay for them and why would I when I can get it free from my favourite site!

How do you save money? 


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