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An Alternative Route To Fitness This Summer

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As the sun comes out, we all want to look our best. Regular visits to the gym are great but can sometimes leave us feeling bored and unfulfilled.

We avidly read all about the bbg workout that everybody is talking about but yearn for new challenges and some different, more exciting ways to get into shape.

And it seems we are in luck as many of our gyms and fitness studios introduce some more unusual workout options for 2017.

Water Workouts

Water workouts seem to be have taken over our gyms this season giving a whole new meaning to staying hydrated. Virgin gyms have launched their Hydro workout, a circuit class based in the swimming pool while AquaAllure, a water-based spin class is available in Docklands, London. And if the notoriously gruelling Insanity wasn’t enough for you then why not try SwimSanity instead. Available in several locations in the capital, this latest take on the world-famous Insanity workout steps it up a gear with the drag of the water adding extra resistance to hard cardio exercise.

Based in LA, Studio Lagree is bringing its latest fitness offering, the Megaformer, across the water to the UK this summer, with more studios due to open here later in the year.  This complicated new-gen former Pilates bed facilitates new tough ways of exercising including the wheelbarrow, and the particularly effective exercise for obliques aptly named the French twist. The latter involves pulling cables to focus on oblique muscles, you will ache the next day, but your glutes will thank you. This brand new machine has already taken the fitness world by storm and is set to become a firm favourite with body conscious celebs.

Virtual Boxing

Now you don’t even need to get into the ring to box yourself fit following the launch of Boxx. The Boxx Method is being hailed as the world’s first virtual boxing experience. Simply subscribe and enjoy a series of 30-minute videos comprising a combination of shadow boxing, high-intensity intervals and knockouts in the comfort of your own home. With each class reputed to burn up to 600 calories, increase strength and coordination this one is a definite winner.

Floating Yoga

Originating again in LA, floating yoga takes this popular discipline to another level, quite literally. Floating yoga involves all of your core regular moves and stretches while balanced on a slanting board elevated above the gym floor. If you have a good head for heights, this could be for you, but if you prefer your sea legs, Sup Yoga London offers a floating class on the waters of London’s Paddington Basin.


Finally, comes the latest craze of using sandboxes as part of your regime. If surfing is your thing try LA fad Sandbox Fitness, which involves doing squats and lunges on a surfboard, in turn, balanced on a sand box.

Alternatively, of course, you could keep it simple and use your surfboard as a platform for any exercise discipline you like. Take it down to the beach and enjoy getting fit in the fresh air.