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how to feel satisfied looking in the Mirror

Looking in the mirror is an insightful act. The emotions that are brought up can tell you a lot about how you are doing at the current moment in your life. Take a few moments yourself. When you look in the mirror,  what do you see? How do you feel about yourself? This intrinsic self-reflection is something many people don’t do past straightening up their appearance, but the act of looking in a mirror can lay bare all of the little ways you might be deceiving yourself and allow you to come back to the present moment, and understand what needs to be done.

Life isn’t easy, and there’s certainly no manual to help us through it at an easy pace. This doesn’t mean that you should neglect trying to live the best you can. Every time you look in the mirror, for a happy, fulfilled life, you should feel satisfied. There are many ways to feel satisfied with oneself, from acting in ways that make you feel pride to keeping your appearance maintained and expressing yourself how you feel is best.

This mini-guide will help you change your perceptions, and treat that reflection in your mirror with the appropriate amount of love you should be showing it.


You can’t feel happy in front of the mirror if you’re unhappy with your looks. There are many ways to improve your looks, and that should be considered first before throwing blanket ‘acceptance’ over them. The self-love movements that are gaining traction are absolutely beautiful and should be treated with respect, but if that covers up a problem that you’d be happier if you fixed deep down, there’s no shame in wanting to change. Your life is yours to dictate how you will.

Changing your appearance might be as simple as losing the express weight, changing up your makeup routine and finding a foundation that more suits your skin color, or employing facial plastic surgery to help straighten out any issues that might have been making you insecure for some time. It’s all up to you, and you are free to choose, or not choose as you wish.


Every time you look in the mirror, you should feel pride. This doesn’t have to mean that you are achieving all of your dreams and life is going your way totally. It will never do that 100% of the time. However, you can keep your pride alive 100% of the time by acting in a way that best represents your personality. Are you staying true to your goals? Are you trying to be that little bit better every day? Are you happy with your social links and relationships? Keeping on top of these considerations can help you stay happy in yourself and continue to live as who you want to be.


How healthy are you? A large part of being comfortable in the mirror is being able to instinctively assess how healthy your body is running. If you’re eating bad foods, smoking, drinking excessively or not getting enough sleep, you’ll be able to see in your face how this is taking its toll. How deep and pronounced are the bags under your eyes? How clear is your skin? Do you look hydrated? The mirror shouldn’t only assess your appearance but should be a platform for you to quickly check your health and make sure that you’re feeling okay.

Use the mirror here on out as a self-assessment tool, and not something to be feared. Self-reflection can literally help you feel better and move forward in the ways you want. Good luck!