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4 Natural Dry Skin Remedies

There are many concerns we all have with our bodies. Some are serious, some a trivial, but they mainly revolve around our appearance. Speaking of bodily concerns, our skin is normally a source of annoyance. Everyone dreams of having perfectly smooth and soft skin, but it isn’t always the case.

It seems as though the biggest skin care problem is having dry skin. We get ashy elbows and knees, as well as dry skin on our face, arms, legs; everywhere! It can look horrible, but it can also feel very uncomfortable too. So, we look for ways to hydrate our skin and stop it from being dry all the time.

The problem is, some dry skin remedies may solve this skin issue but cause another. Bearing that in mind, I have a few ideas that are guaranteed to work and are also completely natural too.

Drink More Water

We mainly concern ourselves with slathering on different lotions and other things to help hydrate our skin from the outside. However, we forget that our skin cells are on the inside of our bodies! Consequently, we need to hydrate from the inside as well. If you have problems with dry skin, it’s amazing how big of a difference you’ll see when you drink more water. In general, drinking lots of water is great for your health and will improve the way you look. It flushes your skin cells full of precious H2O to ensure they stay nice and hydrated. The less water you drink, the more prone you’ll be to suffering dry skin problems.

Swap Your Soap For A Natural One

When we wash our hands or scrub ourselves clean in the shower, we need some soap to help us smell nice. This may not seem like an issue, but a lot of soaps sold today are packed full of bad ingredients. They’ve got lots of chemicals in them that helps banish dirt, but this also means they lead to dry and flaky skin. As such, if you want to remedy the situation, you need to swap your soap for a more natural one. Look for soap that includes something like goats milk as its main ingredient. As it says in this article, goats milk is natural and has been used for centuries to help with skin care problems. Make sure you can see a list of the ingredients when buying the soap and that there are no potentially harmful chemicals at all. Using natural soap instead of the regular commercial ones can help you moisturize your skin instead of leaving it flaky after every wash.

Apply A Honey-Based Lotion To Your Skin

Of course, applying lotions is a great way to moisturize and hydrate your skin. The problem is finding a lotion that’s natural and free from bad ingredients. One thing you can do is make a lotion at home using a few store cupboard staples. Get yourself some honey, olive oil, and lemon. Mix all three together until you have something resembling a lotion that you can rub on your skin. Apply it to your problem areas and leave it on there for around half an hour. Then, wipe it off and be amazed at how much softer and moisturized your skin is. Honey has amazing properties that help hydrate your skin and stop it from getting too greasy. Olive oil acts as a sort of lubricant, while the lemon juice provides your skin with some extra gloss and shine. You could also make yourself a honey face mask before you put this on.

Sit In A Humid Room For A Bit

The air around us often causes our skin to dry up, particularly when the weather turns cold. You can counter this by making the air in your home more humid. To do this, you could get a humidifier and stick it in your bedroom. It adds moisture to the air and helps keep your skin nice and soft. Another idea is to run a hot shower and sit in the bathroom as it steams up and becomes humid. Keep the windows and doors closes to make the air nice and wet.

There we go; four natural dry skin remedies you need to try out today. All the ideas here are designed to hydrate your skin and get rid of all the cracked and chapped areas. What’s more, none of them involves using anything that’s full of chemicals or bad ingredients. As such, you should see even better and longer lasting results, along with no bad side effects.