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wedding outfit and make up

We have all been there, right? I have a wedding and I have been putting off picking an outfit. I have gone back and forth with what to wear. The weather has been playing havoc with my decision process too. Long dress and rain no, just no. 

Does anyone else really worry about what to wear? I know that's the cliche but I do. I know white is a no go and I would never wear black to a wedding. Although this is becoming a huge trend. You want to look nice but not too over the top. There is a lot of pressure on weddings to be a dream, a fairy tail but In reality, it is a big party to celebrate the bride and groom. I have never been at a wedding where everyone doesn't look anything but lovely. 

I need to pick an outfit so I can put my make up look together. As a makeup artist, I find the getting ready for events the most fun. I am awkward as a person. People think I am bubbly but really it's an act to get me through. I love doing makeup and making someone one feel there best. 

I am an hourglass. I have a funny figure. I know people always say that I am lucky but if I'm honest it's a pain to dress. Finding clothes that fit me is a nightmare. I don't have a team to fit my clothes to my frame. If only! 

I have chosen this little mistress mesh plunge prom dress From Simply Be . As soon as I saw it I fell head over heels. In love. I have always been a huge navy blue fan. it's in the sale at the moment too, Now only £64 from £80. OH MY GOSH can we take a minute for that quality of this dress for the price. 

When I was taking the photos for the post I feel even more in love with it. 

The back is elasticated for the perfect fit.
The bead work is amazing 

 I wanted to include these photo as the little mess makes the dress sit so nicely on your legs. 

Next up makeup Yeah! well, I have put an order into simplybe so It would be rude to not add some little treats right? 

I have chosen My favorite foundation Bourjois New Healthy Mix foundation £12, I love the way this is on my skin. It has a medium coverage which lasts all day. It's a my skin but better look. I love this for wedding season. 

Cheryl Eylure lashes £6. Let's face it everyone wants Cheryls lashes right?

 I have then gone for the W7 Palletes in colour me nude, in the night and The cheeky tin. 

For the money, I really think w7 is a winner they have very similar qualities to the naked pallets at a fraction of the price. 

This is one swipe of the in the night palette. random four colours. The payoff is crazy for the price tag. 

Now I just need to pick accessory's my search goes on. 

Have you been to a wedding recently? what did you wear? 


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