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Mother Nature's Makeup

There are many all natural alternatives now to beautifying yourself, and while there are the usual methods such as undertaking various exercises to get the blood flowing like yoga and Pilates, are there any other methods that we can take advantage of? In short, yes there is! And it's is unsurprisingly, in relation to your diet. But it's also about knowing the best type of products that are out there. You may want to think about naturally improving your skin complexion by avoiding products that contain excessive chemicals. A lot of people will tend to make their own products, but this is time-consuming, and if you aren't skilled at it, it may take a long time to get the balance right before you see any benefits. So here is your one-stop-shop to improving your skin complexion naturally.

Your Diet
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It’s important to remember problems on the outside will, for the most part, relate to what's going on inside your body. And if you are consuming the wrong types of foods or have a diet rich in sugar but without many vitamins, your body will try to expel toxins in whatever way they can. As a result, they will show up on your face and your skin. Not that a good diet is the only way to improving your skin complexion, but it's an essential baseline for you to get started. Hydration is the most important thing, but also be aware of the quality of the water in your area. There may be so-called “hard water” where you live, and this may stop your products from lathering up properly, and if your water is too soft, then it may not be removing the products from your face properly. So it may be worth checking your local resources to determine the quality of your water. In addition, remember that a diet rich in antioxidants and minimal in dairy will have a big impact on your skin.

Your Products
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If you suffer from dry skin, the face wash you use might have more of an impact than your moisturizer, so you may want to look at investing in a non-soap cleanser to help replace the moisture in your skin. It’s also worth thinking about making swaps for more natural products overall. Look at the Best All Natural Mineral Makeup Brands article to get an idea of the types of products that have natural ingredients, which has various benefits, the main one being that it's gentler on the skin and so your skin can breathe more naturally. Natural products also mean a lot less worry about its impact on your skin in the long term, it can cause problems with your skin if you leave them on overnight for extended periods of time. However, natural products don't have this issue.

Your Well-being
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Your overall well-being can have a bigger impact on your skin and complexion than you think. If you tend to hang around with people who smoke, this will be the main cause of free radicals damaging your skin (and aging you horribly), in addition to this, the quality of your air at home could be affecting your skin. So cook with the fan on over the stove, change the air filters in your home on a regular basis, and have a humidifier running to keep some moisture in the air. Dry skin is one of the big culprits. It’s also worth thinking about your stress levels. Stress will raise the level of hormones in the body, such as cortisol, also known as the stress hormone, which will make your skin oily, and won't help when it comes to fighting off bacteria that causes acne. So the next time someone offers to take you to a yoga session, remember, it isn't just good for your mind, but it's also good for your skin which can help to manage conditions like rosacea, psoriasis, and acne. Also, you need to make sure you get your sleep (it isn't called beauty sleep for nothing!), and by getting your recommended 8 hours a night, it will trigger your skin repair mechanisms and minimize cortisol levels.

Naturally improving your skin complexion can be done in many different ways but these three are the most important things you need to address if you are having persistent skin problems. Ultimately, a lot of chemicals go into our beauty products now, so if we can find ways to cut down on these while also having a high intake of antioxidants and vitamins, in addition to managing our stress levels, it will always show up on our face (in a good way)!