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Biking holiday in Colorado USA anyone?

Hi everyone, 

How are you all? 

I'm in holiday planning mode. My husband has decided that we need a big summer holiday. I love planning a holiday at this time of year. Its super cold here and I feel when you have something to look forward to you are more motivated. I know that is how I work. I like having a goal when it comes to fitness and looking and feeling great for a special trip really does that.  

I have done my research and we have picked Colorado. It has the best of everything for us. The mountains, the views and the mountain biking of course. 

I have found the best cabins in ColoradoFinding perfect accommodation is always first on my list. When you plan a biking trip you have to take a lot more in to consideration. First and foremost. Is there enough car parking. We normally do these trips with our friends. We will all have to hire cars to put our bikes in. Is there somewhere to securely store our beloved bikes. Is there enough bathrooms. I know you are thinking why. But there is nothing worse than having to fight over the one bathroom after a long ride in the mountains. Especially if its been a muddy ride. 

The one I have choose is Water House on Main 6310. It has two massive bedroom, two bathrooms. living room and A full kitchen which is awesome after along day. The last thing you want to do is drag yourself out the house to prepare food. Don't get me wrong, we will eat out most nights but after a huge cross country ride you just want to pass out in a comfy bed. The huge bonus of this cabin is it has full access to a fitness center, heated pool, 8 hot tubs and movie theater.

Lucky this is also on the main plaza which has restaurants, shop and bars which is just a stones throw away. 

It looks like it will be flights from Scotland to London then onward flight to Denver Colorado USA. Then either hire a big shuttle or rental cars. Which will probably be the easiest option due to bike and driving to places we want to see. 

One thing I am concerned about is traveling with our bikes. Our friends did it last year and said it was not that hard. I'm just worried that they bikes will get damaged. I guess I better go and buy a really good bike bag for each of us.  Also I will need to rent a car with a good boot and bike rack.  I know pro riders travel daily with there bikes but it is always a concern. The flights I think we will book will be British airways. I am happy they will look after us and our precious bikes. 

Things to do 
Things I want to do whilst we are in Colorado. 

I want to hike McCullough Gulch. The photos I have seen of this hike looks spectacular. I cant wait to see the water fall and the scenery in Colorado is so different to home that its a must see for me. 

My husband has spotted there is a distillery and brewery. He wants to go to both of them. I love a distally tour here is Scotland so a tour in USA would be awesome. 

There is canyoning near by and my husband has always wanted me to do this as he thinks I will love it. But the Scottish weather even in summer does not make this appealing to me. I think I could give it a try here. 

The city of Denver has always been somewhere I have wanted to go to. The city beside the Rockies mountains. It just sounds wonderful. I know you will be thinking I just want to shop but Not so much. There so much I want to go and see. 

  • The molly brown museum. Molly brown or the unsinkable Molly Brown has been an interest of mine since I watched Titanic years ago. 
  • The money museum of the federal bank. This is just so interesting how they make money. 
  • Forney Museum of Transportation. I want to see all the old car. There is something so magical about old car. 
  • Wings Over the Rockies Air & Space Museum we have just come back form Normandy in France and this museum has old war plane in it as well as lots of other things. 
  • Denver zoo, Where ever I go I like to go to the zoo. I love seeing different animals. 
  • Denver Botanic Gardens These gardens look wonderful  a nice way to waste an afternoon enjoying the gardens. 
I would also like a couple days hanging by the pool and enjoying the resort. I cant wait to eat in Colorado. I love the food and drinks in america. First on the list is a snowball cocktail. 
Image credit
A snowball is the official state drink. 1 measure vodka, 2 measure Fresca and some lime YUM. Get me one of those please. I think my Hubby will like a Colorado Bulldog drink. This is a measure of vodka a measure of Kahlua and a dash of coke. I cant wait to try the sweet food over there either 

Pioneer® Colorado Almond Toffee sounds Delicious too. 

There is so much to see and do in the area I think we will need to book a three week trip to make the most of it. With it being a 15 hour flight from here. We might as well make the most of your time. 

Have you booked a Holiday yet? 


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