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I need a new logo - Logojoy review

Hi everyone,

I have been needing to get a new Blog logo for a long time and have put off getting one as it always seems time-consuming. and let's not pretend I am not the most creative person when it comes to graphics. 

I have gone with Logojoy.com. I have tried in the past to create one myself but it has never looked as professional as I would like. Missljbeauty has evolved over the years and its time to get a new creative logo that is a better fit for it.

I thought I would do a full review of my experiences in making my new logo.

When you go to Logojoy. The first thing you are asked is what is your business name. So far I like how simple this is keeping it for me. Then you go to a page where you choose the five styles of logos you like from a big selection. There really are lots to choose from with different fonts, colours and styles. I find it hard to pick. 

Next up colours. I pick the colours I like, again from the huge pallet. What I really like is that it gives you words associated with the colours. Like passion for the reds and royalty for the blues. I love this little touch and throughout my experience with Logojoy. I like that they have gone to this effort. It really makes them stand out as not just another logo design firm.  

You are asked for a slogan if you like. I choose not to have one. I can't really think of what to put. 

Would I like a symbol in my logo? They give you a symbol search engine. I type in blogger and lots appear from stars to computers.
I try a few descriptive words that I think my brand is represented by and there are hundreds of choices.

Next, this clever little site takes all your information and makes a personlised logos for you to choose from. There are so many I am struggling to choose one. Then like a glimmer of light in a dark place. I see the one. 

As you know I love mountain biking and a chainset, chainring has come up as a border of m logo. I would never have thought of this for my logo but I love it. Hearts are on my blog theme at the moment. So I choose a heart symbol.

You can edit everything from the font, to the colours, to the layout. You name it, You can edit it. I spent a long time playing with this.  Em I mean perfecting my logo. No this is work. It definitely is not fun.

I love my design. I have to say, I have never had so much fun making a logo before.

I can not believe they came up with the biking chainring. I love it so much. I have just customised a photo frame with these all around the outside for my husband's great uncles 100-mile cycling certificate that we were gifted. 
How could this clever site know I'd love this?

Logojoy was simple fuss-free and user-friendly. I loved how easy this is to use. I felt completely in control of my design throughout the whole process. The results are professional and amazing quality. I haven't seen a logo I like better if I am completely honest. 

What package to buy?

I choose the premium package which is $65 which is about £49. what do you get with Premium? 

High-resolution logo
Vector EPS and SVG files
Transparent background
Black/white versions
Lifetime phone support
Font names and colours
Full copyright ownership
Make changes and re-download
Print ready
Brand guidelines
Social media kit (extra)

You can have a basic package starting at $20 and an enterprise package at $165
  • Drum roll please....... 
  • Introducing my new logo? Click here to get your own. 

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